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Does Sex Count As Exercise?

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Does Sex Count As Exercise?

You just had an amazing time in bed with your partner, and you’re wondering whether you can skip the gym tonight. Well, actually, you probably can.

The experts agree – sex counts as moderate exercise. When we say moderate, we mean on par with yoga, a power walk, water aerobics, golf or doubles tennis. Doctors recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise to stay healthy. During sex, a man burns about four calories per minute and a woman burns about three per minute. And really, like with any other exercise, you get back what you put into it.

Health Reasons to Sexercise

Sex not only counts as exercise, but it’s also beneficial to physical and mental well being. Sex is known to regulate hormone levels and relieve anxiety and everyday stress. It may also lower risk of heart attack, reduce blood pressure, prevent insomnia and improve bladder control (for women).

There’s a psychological need too. A healthy sex life can improve mental and emotional health and help partners bond. If you and your partner decide to ramp up your sex life to squeeze in an extra “workout,” you just might find your relationship happier and healthier. Weight loss and added muscle tone for both of you certainly can’t hurt either!

Most Beneficial Positions

How much of a workout you get from sex really depends on how you’re doing it. Some sex positions engage certain muscles you would normally work at the gym.

  • Missionary is good for a man’s core.
  • Cowgirl helps strengthen a woman’s core, pelvic, hip and lower ab muscles.
  • Lotus is also great for a women’s core strength and engages the glutes too.
  • Standing is a strength exercise for a man and a core and upper legs workout for a woman.

More Fun Than Jogging

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but sex is one of humanity’s favorite activities. In one study, 98 percent of test subjects found sex (as an exercise) much more fun than jogging. Sex is the fun alternative to your average moderate daily exercise routine. Enjoy!


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