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Exercises To Improve Hand Grip Strength

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Exercises To Improve Hand Grip Strength

Dexterity and strength in hands and fingers are important to day-to-day activities. Carrying a child, toting groceries, grabbing our mate, or extreme activity at the gym, all require hand grip strength. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or gym goer to develop hand grip strength. There are many activities that build grip strength, such as bicycling and tennis.

To get technical, reviews the different types of grip strength:

  • Pinch grip strength – pinching between your thumb and fingers, requiring thumb strength.
  • Wrist strength – significant grip strength requires wrist strength.
  • Crushing grip strength – squeezing an object firmly and with purpose.
  • Supporting grip strength – sustained crushing grip strength

There are hand grip exercises and grip products to keep your hands in tip-top condition. Forearms, fingers, wrists, and palms all come into play when grip is required. Give a hearty handshake, have a strong grip, or become a grip strength athlete with these five exercises to improve hand grip strength.

1. Crush Grips

The most popular form of grip training, this exercise requires the use of a hand ‘gripper’ – there are many different designs available. A gripper has two handles that you squeeze together. To build grip strength, try to touch the handles together with one hand. There are different levels of tension for every training need. Begin slowly, and work your way to an extreme gripper, it You can become an official hand ‘gripper’ aka a Captain of Crush, as certified by This certification can be acquired by both men and women.

2. Vertical Grips

The grip product line of SideWinder is awesome. The grip bars featured here come in a variety of sizes and resistance. You can perform vertical and horizontal grip exercises with their products. They also provide exercise routines and detailed videos to help you build grip strength. You can try to mimic these exercises at home, but you will not get the same resistance as you would if you used a SideWinder grip bar. If you are looking to build extreme grip, you may consider investing in one of these products.

3. Farmer Carries

Just about any weight can be used for Farmer Carries. Personally, I carry heavy water buckets to my horses every day (who needs a gym?). The idea is to pick up a heavy weight in one or two hands, and carry the weight as far as you can. It can be a challenge, but don’t over exert or strain. There is proper technique to this exercise; back muscles as well as hand strength is required. The rule that my (farmer) dad taught me is to lift with your legs and not your back. It can be a challenge to carry objects a long distance without stopping. It is a full-body workout. Even so, you are still relying on forearms, wrists, and palms, to create a strong grip.

4. Pinching Plates

A hand grip strength exercise you can do at home or at the gym, pinching plates requires two or more weight plates. Stack them vertically with smooth sides out. With a hand grabbing the plates, make a pinch grip and lift them off the floor. For beginners, try using 4-tens, 2-twenty-five’s, and 7-fives. Create your own plate combination to strengthen your grip.

5. Thick Bar

A thick bar is defined as a bar with a two inch diameter or greater. Using a thick bar during your ‘bar’ exercises, timed holds, or one-handed deadlifts will build hand grip strength. You can create your own thick bar or purchase one from a reputable gym equipment manufacturer.

Sturdy towels can come in handy when building grip strength. Performing pull-ups with a towel is great for grip training. Loop a towel over a bar and use the towel to complete pull-ups. This method can be used with kettlebells as well. There are products available, such as grip gloves and grip spheres, to increase grip. Before beginning a grip strength workout, consult with a certified fitness trainer for correct technique. Begin with light movements and rests. As you increase strength, build weight and resistance.

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