Extended Puppy Pose: Uttana Shishosana

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Extended Puppy Pose: Uttana Shishosana

Sep 21, 2012 //

The extended puppy pose (uttana shishosana) is a simple beginner level yoga asana that soothes the mind and strengthens the spine. This gentle forward bend can be performed independently or as a relaxing asana performed at the end of a rigorous yoga routine.

About Extended Puppy Pose

The extended puppy pose is classified as a mild forward bend. This beginner level yoga asana targets your spine, stretching and strengthening it through a gentle bending posture. Apart from its physical benefits, the extended puppy pose is the perfect asana to perform when you are stressed out and fatigued by your hectic daily routine. Simply don your favorite, comfortable yoga wear, place your yoga mat in a peaceful spot and perform the extended puppy pose sequence at your own pace. Perform the downward facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana) and the virasana pose to warm up your muscles for the extended puppy pose sequence.

Step By Step Instructions

These simple instructions will help you perform the extended puppy pose with ease.

  1. Position yourself on your hands and knees on the yoga mat.
  2. Position your knees directly under your hips, and your hands under your shoulders.
  3. Slide your hands forward on the mat until your arms are completely straightened out. Your elbows should not be touching the mat.
  4. Push your buttocks back towards your heels.
  5. Lower your forehead onto the mat.
  6. Gently pull the shoulders back.
  7. Maintain the extended puppy pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute at least.
  8. Exit the pose by assuming the child’s pose position.

Health Benefits

Performing the extended puppy pose regularly will yield the following health benefits:

  1. Improves spinal flexibility.
  2. Soothes the mind and rejuvenates the body.
  3. Stretches and strengthens the spine and shoulders.
  4. Therapeutic for tension, insomnia and stress.
  5. Stretches and strengthens the upper back, hips and arms.

Things To Remember

Individuals suffering from knee injuries should refrain from attempting the extended puppy pose. The pose can be performed under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher who can suggest modifications for the uttana shishosana according to the extent of the injury.

Sonia Sharma

I am presently functioning as a Yoga instructor for Fitness republic where I can continue feeding my yoga passion everyday in a different format through my writing and make people able to develop their personality at all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. And yes I am always open to feedback and suggestions.

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