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Fitness Faceoff: Zumba or Bootcamp Workout

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Fitness Faceoff: Zumba or Bootcamp Workout

To put it in simple words, boot camp may not be for everyone due to the high-energy traits it exhibits. On the other Zumba is just a dance that anyone can attempt, and who doesn’t love dancing!

Boot camp exercises mostly include rapid movements, are ballistic and can also get too challenging if you are not athletically inclined. Boot camp translates into building strength, agility and endurance.

If you do not have a strong fitness background, or are not participating in any fitness activity, then boot camp workout can get tough for you. Without any prior knowledge of strength and aerobic training exercises, your body might not be able to cope with boot camp workout.

Zumba workout benefits invite you to take control of your body and health. Zumba is inspired from Latin dance beats mixed with many dance styles. They say once you start doing Zumba, it is likely that you will get addicted to it and enjoy its aerobic exercise benefits too.

So, which should you sign up for? It depends totally on you. If pumping weights is your thing, then sign up for a boot camp class. If you’d much rather have fun while you lose weight, Zumba is the thing for you.

Bootcamp Workout Benefits

Boot camp workout benefits result in a change in your cholesterol, body mass, blood pressure and overall fitness health.

Calorie Burn Down

Boot camp workout benefits also contribute to a healthy body weight and balance. When you move faster from exercise to exercise in a fitness boot camp with fewer breaks and more upper and lower body movements, you prepare your body to burn up to 600 calories per session.

Multiple Exercises

Boot camp exercises have multiple variations and different fitness boot camps offer different programs. Generally you perform some cardiovascular exercises such as running, interval training, obstacle course challenge and hiking. Some instructors combine this cardio with dumbbells, resistance bands, or exercise bands to build strength.

Lastly, you work on the flexibility of your body by either incorporating Pilates or yoga in your boot camp regimen.

Due to the aerobic properties of boot camp workout, you can achieve more in less time, so that you spend less time exercising.

The Empowerment

Boot camp workouts benefits your mind and challenges your body to the limits. The various styles of training incorporated in fitness boot camps work on technique, core training, form, relaxation, breathing and also awareness of how your body moves.

John Spencer, the owner of California-based Orange County Adventure Boot Camp states that just in four weeks, participants enrolled in the boot camp program lose up to 5 to 6 percent of their body fat and record weight loss of up to 10 pounds or more. This positively impacts their mile time by reducing it to 2 minutes per mile.

You not only gain confidence but also take control of other aspects of life, he adds.

Zumba Workout Benefits

Zumba workout benefits have become so popular that everyone around the globe is encouraged to try the beat of its music.

Zumba’s Popularity

Today Zumba the slogan it carries “ditch the workout join the party” has spread to over 12 million people. It’s practiced in 125 countries and has 110,000 studios/sites. Zumba dance party fitness program was ranked 9th among worldwide fitness trends for the year 2012 by American College of Sports Medicine.

High Intensity-Interval Training

Another definition for Zumba that it can be translated into is high intensity-interval training program. It rigorous training regimen combines both fast and slow sequences of dance steps and moves that vary in intensity. Depending on the pace of your workout, an hour long moderate intensity Zumba session will torch around 550 to 800 calories.


Zumba is for every age, and even your 3 year old can do it. You just got to teach them. There are different categories of Zumba, for the physically fit, for the moderate ones and for the old. Just an hour long Zumba session gives you a good cardiovascular health, body conditioning and good posture.

Zumba blends into you when you begin to enjoy it. Slowly by slowly as you begin to lose yourself in the Zumba experience, you begin to have fun. It is said that most of the times you don’t even realize Zumba is a workout and just incredibly dance your way to fun and party.

To date there has been no scientific research on the negative effects of Zumba.

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