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Five Reasons You should Try Tabata Training

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Five Reasons You should Try Tabata Training

Why should you start Tabata training? The Tabata protocol is one of the most efficient exercises ever invented. It’s scientifically proven to kick your fitness routine into action.

Dr. Izumi Tabata was curious if there was a way to pack a fierce fitness punch into just four minutes of exercise. So he began to develop his own system to be tested on professional atheletes. The results are tested and true — and were quite an astonishing reveal!

Within just minutes, the body has the ability to kick start the metabolism and begin to burn fat at a faster rate for these added benefits all day. Not to mention you feel the full effects of increased balance, endurance, and agility. Tabata found that taking High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to the next level of practice was the answer to aerobic exercise in just a few minutes.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should start Tabata training today:

1. Quick and Efficient Four Minute Routine

"Runners, for instance, need a high level of running economy, which comes from skill acquisition and putting in the miles," says Scrivener. "But they could effectively ease off the long runs and reduce the overall mileage by introducing Tabata training. This will unload the skeleton and give joints the chance to rest and recover…"

It takes only four minute sets of 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest to accomplish a Tabata exercise — making it arguably one of the most time efficient exercise routines ever invented! The best part is that you can stylize the intensity of the sets to match your fitness level.

2. Improves Heart And Metabolic Rate

Why does it seem difficult to summon up enough energy to execute an exercise routine and accomplish all tasks throughout the day? A low metabolic rate may actually damper your fitness efforts.

When you are feeling bogged down by the motion of life, you need a quick boost of energy to get your daily routine started right. So start the day with a Tabata exercise. Tabata training is a scientifically proven exercise technique that can be used to correct your metabolism in the same amount of the time as your usual exercise routine. It’s especially effective in kicking your metabolic rate back into motion making you feel lively and well. In addition, the heart rate is also improved with the benefits of aerobic exercise.

3. Lose Weight By Burning Calories All Day

A higher metabolic rate and continuous exercises introduces the perfect recipe for losing weight. Not to mention Tabata training done in the morning will increase the calories you burn later throughout the day. So you burn a great deal of calories during the workout, and on top of this, you feel lively and continue to lose weight throughout the day.

"the Tabata protocol burns an extra 150 calories in the 12 hours after exercise."

Did we mention this only takes four minutes to accomplish? It would seem insane not to give it a try if you have weight loss in mind. Boost your calorie budget with a quick Tabata exercise each morning.

4. Do It Anywhere You Go

One of the greatest motivations to begin a Tabata training routine is the fact that you can do it anywhere! Tabata training combines motions like sprints, burpees, squats, and core exercises for a full body workout in just minutes. There’s no need for a gym membership for professional style training from Tabata. In addition, one of the major issues in keeping up with your fitness routine stems from involuntary interruptions.

Things that you can’t avoid include leisure travel, work responsibilities, and family obligations during holiday seasons that may keep you away from the gym or normal workout spaces. With Tabata training, there’s no need to worry about where you will be from one day to the next, since it can easily be done anywhere you go.

5. It’s A Challenge For Serious Athletes

Sometimes the biggest challenge in choosing an exercise routine is finding a challenge. For anyone who has trained for their whole life or takes part in professional athletics, most exercises lack the extra challenge to improve your current fitness level.

Tabata training was originally conducted using professional athletes. That’s because it makes use of HIIT sets in quick bursts. If you aren’t prepared, the first few sets may leave you winded. That’s why Tabata is optimal for those who have already reached an intermediate fitness level—although this does not mean that those who are ambitious to jump into Tabata can’t reach this intensity using less intense HIIT as a stepping stone.

If you can already easily handle a four or even 16 minute Tabata routine, it’s time to up the intensity to athlete status. Challenge yourself to reach your next fitness goal. Go all out on your fitness routine with this 35 Minute Total Tabata Workout.



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