Get Awesome Arms With These 3 Workouts


Get Awesome Arms With These 3 Workouts

Jun 1, 2015 //

As the weather heats up, the time to tone those arms is now! But where to start? Sometimes the most difficult part about navigating around a gym is deciding which moves are essential to achieving your goals. Allow us to point you in the right direction.

1. Weighted Punches

Because who doesn’t want to look like a fearless boxer?

For this exercise: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, a dumbbell in each hand (start low, as we recommend with any new exercise). Squat down and keep your knees over your ankles to ensure you don’t inflict unwanted stress on those knees joints, and while thrusting upwards from each side, punch (alternating) between your left and right side across the front of your body.

2. Superman Punches

If you thought you were catching favorable glances at the gym from people while you went about doing your weighted punches, just imagine the kind of heat and attention you’ll receive with this superman-inspired variation on the traditional punches workout.

For this exercise, position yourself as if preparing for a push up, grip a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing in. Ensure your back is straight with your core braced for the sake of keeping it engaged. From here, you’ll perform a rowing motion, pulling one arm into your chest at a time. When your arm has achieved a 90-degree angle, punch your fist forward, back toward the ground (gradually of course!). Throughout this exercise, make a conscious effort to keep your hips square, and avoid shifting back and forth at the midsection.

3. Caterpillar Push-Ups

Last and definitely not least, we have caterpillar push-ups. With a title not quite as impressive and formidable as the latter two, this exercise will challenge you as much if not more than all the others.

For this exercise: grab a plyometric box (which can be found at most gyms—simply ask a personal trainer on site). Position your feet on top the box with your hands right in front of the box, and then slowly walk your hands out until you’re at the decline push-up position. Perform a quick push-up, and then walk your hands back to the front of the box. You’ll pick up quickly on the caterpillar-like motion performed in this exercise, and those triceps, core and chest will work up a ferocious burn in no time at all!

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