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Get Rid of a Flat Butt!

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Get Rid of a Flat Butt!

Get the booty of your dreams! Get rid of that drooping, sagging butt! Adding volume and dimension to your derriere has never been easier! If you are looking for the best butt lift exercises, look no further! To firm, tighten, and tone your butt, try these exercises for a beautiful behind.

Butt Lift Workout: Walking

Butt Lift Workout: Walking

The quintessential exercise, walking is the perfect butt lift workout. Of all the butt lift exercises, walking requires no machines, no special tools. Just get up and go!  Tips for walking…

  • Stand tall, breathe, and pull abdominals while walking
  • When walking take long steps, reaching with arms fully extended
  • When walking on the treadmill, increase the incline by 15%
  • Also, when on the treadmill, maintain a speed of 3.5
  • Add ankle weights to work and isolate glutes
  • Explore all the walking workouts to find which one works for you!

Get the Booty: Take the Stairs

Get the Booty: Take the Stairs

When you take the stairs (vs. the elevator), you are firming and tightening glutes with each step. The motion of stair climbing requires glutes to propel your body forward and upward. As you gain momentum, butt muscles become round and toned, creating a sexy butt. Here are tips to get the most from taking the stairs.

  • Take the stairs two steps at a time
  • When you can, wear athletic shoes that help to propel you up and forward
  • If you are a beginner, use handrails to help stabilize and balance
  • Try the 15-minute stair workout for fast results

Get a Bigger Butt: Back Kicks

Get a bigger butt and shape your bum with back kicks! Add definition and lift by incorporating basic back kicks into your daily workout. Back kicks are an easy exercise that you can do anywhere! Stand tall, breathe, and lift your right leg backwards in a slow, intentional movement. Feel the burn. Repeat 10 times, rest, repeat with your left leg.  Back kick basics…

  • Use resistance bands to tone and define
  • The slower the movement, the greater the burn
  • Add ankle weights to really tighten and lift glutes
  • Maintain good posture throughout and tuck tummy for extra benefits
  • Use a nearby wall for stability

Bigger Glute Exercises: Yoga Poses

Bigger Glute Exercises: Yoga Poses

Yoga builds and strengthens glutes for a sexy behind. It incorporates serene fluidity with stamina to get you a round bottom. To get a “Yogi Butt” try these exercises to sculpt and rock your behind…

  • Elevated Locust Pose (or Booty Blaster). An easy pose that begins on the floor, on your stomach with arms extended to the sides, pointing towards yours toes. Raise arms and legs in the air, slightly separating feet (locust pose), pointing toes. Lift your chest as far as you can (comfortably) off the floor while squeezing glutes. Bring feet together, then gently separate and return to start position. Relax, breathe, and repeat.
  • Goddess Pose (or Elevated Wide Squat). Begin in a standing position (Mountain Pose). Breathe and relax as you turn and step, leaving about a four foot space between your feet. Turn toes slightly outward. Gently lower into squat position. Bring your thighs parallel to the floor without straining. Keep knees in line with toes as you breathe deeply. Squeeze glutes and hold for a count of 10. Slowly return to start position. Relax, breathe, and repeat.

Butt Lift Exercises: The Gym Machines

Butt Lift Exercises: The Gym Machines

If you are in doubt which exercises will propel you to a sexy butt, enlist a certified fitness trainer. Usually, if you are new to the gym, fitness trainers will take you around the fitness facility and familiarize you with the equipment, as well as help you maintain proper technique and form while going around the circuit. If you want go alone and get rid of a flat butt, try these gym machines to lift and firm.

  • Elliptical. Use the upright elliptical (vs. the sitting elliptical) to tone and get rid of a flappy butt! There are many elliptical machine benefits, but after several elliptical workouts, you will notice a firmer, tighter butt.
  • Leg Presses. This machine requires leg strengthen and stamina. Begin slowly, with a weight that fits your fitness level (caution – do not overexert muscle groups). As you sit with your feet against the panel, squeeze and invoke glutes to press.

There are many exercise routines that target glutes to get a super-toned butt. Start with the basics and add more intense calisthenics, yoga poses, and workout methods to get a better butt. As with any exercise routine, you will see amazing results with intentional effort and consistency. Stay motivated to look and feel great! Get rid of your flat butt!

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