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Get Slim and Sleek With These Weight Exercises!

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Get Slim and Sleek With These Weight Exercises!

Many of us have been down deceiving paths we thought were leading us to weight loss but instead we ended up unnoticeably slimmer. So what really works? The following exercises will send you on your way to the slimmer, sleeker frame you’ve so longingly pursued!

When you do them, aim for between 8 and 12 repetitions (per exercise), which is ideal for burning calories. Shoot for three weight-lifting workouts a week, and then progress accordingly,giving your body time to develop from there. Also, provide your body sufficient amounts of fuel to grow muscle after your workouts.

1. Barbell Squats

Studies have proven the more muscle you build and keep, the more fat you burn at rest. Squats promote the growth of muscle throughout your entire body, and thus directly contribute to burning greater amounts of calories.


2. Dumbbell Swing

When considering the dumbbell swing, there’s no denying the beauty in the exercise is its overall simplicity. Some exercises no doubt reap great benefits, but can be impossibly complicated to the point of mad confusion! Further, this exercise dynamically engages both your shoulder and back muscles and generate great joint activity to further strengthen your knees, hips and more.


3. Squat to Overhead Press

The raw calorie burning power of this exercise is in the explosive nature of the over-shoulder press. Additionally you’ll manage to target key areas of your upper and lower body (quads, glutes and shoulders), to further strengthen your balance and mobility. If your lifestyle demands extended periods of sitting, you need the core-building properties in the squat to overhead press!

4. Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

Some sources suggest that the knowledgeable members of the weight lifting community look upon the dumbbell bent-over row as one of the top back-and-shoulders builders. But they also advise that weight lifting newbies seek out an experienced trainer or friend to supervise.


5. Dumbbell Step-Ups

This dumbbell exercise provides you all the added benefits of a solid stairs cardio exercise, without the mind numbing, tiresome gauntlet that can be found in an endless flight of stairs! Dumbbell step-ups are additionally immensely effective at better developing your endurance, which translates to added strength in a wide array of other exercises!


6. T Pushups

T pushups bring together the demanding, taxing effects of a properly executed pushup and the muscle-defining properties added by a manageably weighted dumbbell. Simply, the T pushup’s what Superman might do to keep himself occupied while the rest of the humans go on with other workouts!


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