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Health Concerns of P90X

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Health Concerns of P90X

Health Concerns of P90X

Exercise should be a part of every individual’s daily routine. It keeps your body fit and healthy and helps keep you at bay from a number of diseases and health concerns. P9OX is one such work out that musters a great number of health benefits, from building stamina, endurance and muscle strength to decreasing risks of developing various conditions such as coronary heart diseases. However, like other high intensity vigorous workouts, P90X also commands its fair share of risks. A rigorous workout like P90X places great demands and pressure on the body, making it susceptible to a number of risks. With a unique combination of martial arts, yoga, cardio and strength training, P90X is a dynamic workout that can take a toll on the body.

While P90X may be associated with risks that are common to all workouts, it is additionally related to a certain few risks that are specific to P90X alone.

Health Concern #1:


P90X comes with its own nutrition plan that aims at cutting down fat and building muscle plus fuel for the body that is necessary to facilitate the workouts that P90X demands. It is very likely that individuals get so immersed in the work out, they begin to ignore their nutrition needs. Doing so can put quite a heavy price on the body and leave you bearing a loss of energy and feelings of being stranded. Make sure that when you are participating in a workout regimen as intense as P90X, you are more mindful of your nutrition needs. Mold the nutrition plan that P90X offers according to your needs, so that you maintain a substantial level of energy while losing weight and building muscle at the appropriate pace.

Health Concern #2:

Possibilities of Injury and Overtraining

P90X overloads your system with strength and endurance training exercises considering it consists of 12 different types of workouts. What’s important here is monitoring the response time your body displays towards these workouts. The risk arises when the recovery time in between these workouts is ignored. P90X includes the most intense of all workouts, making recovery time as important as the workouts itself. If you do not provide your body with an adequate amount of recovery time, you may over-train yourself and increase risks of injuries, an increase in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, disturbed sleeping patterns and depression plus anxiety.

Health Concern #3:

Equipment Concerns

P90X is a workout that does not require much equipment in use. But, the little equipment that it does require must be overseen properly. The elastic bands needed in P90X should be checked for any cracks or tears and in the case that such flaws are found, you must replace the bands immediately or else they will snap under pressure, subjecting you to injury. Furthermore, P90X also demands the usage of dumbbells, which should be used very carefully. Make sure the weight plates are screwed on tight, because if a hinge falls lose and a weight plate stumbles off the rod, it can be a cause of a serious injury. P90X also requires the use of pull up bars which are once again another risky piece of exercising equipment. Make sure that the pull up bar is fixed at the right height and that it is installed tightly, in a secure way in order to avoid injury.

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