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High Calorie Burning Workouts

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High Calorie Burning Workouts

If you’re ready to take your physical fitness to the next level, then a few high intensity calorie burning workout options are just what you need. These calorie burning workouts don’t consist of any miracle exercises or special techniques; they simply follow a formula of being the best heart-pumping, calorie blasting, body sculpting and fat burning workouts available! If you like the idea of adopting one particular calorie burning workout and working with it until you get visible results then choose the one that you know you’ll be able to stick to in the long run. However, for those who relish the idea of variety and new challenges, you can mix and match different calorie burning workouts to keep your interest alive!

Calorie Burning Workout # 1

 Zumba Dancing

This latest fitness fad to take the exercise world by storm is Zumba dancing. This workout can help you burn between 500 to 1000 calories, depending on how much you exert yourself during the one hour session. Zumba dancing is a Latin inspired dance workout that incorporates elements of various dance forms and presents them in the form of high intensity interval training which is excellent for your heart, and tones and sculpts your entire body. Plus, it’s addictive and fun!

Calorie Burning Workout # 2

 Kick boxing

This high energy, high intensity workout can help you lose at least 800 calories in an hour. The great thing about kick boxing is that it engages the whole body, targets every muscle group, and is a high impact cardio workout. So if you’re looking for something that requires a lot of vigor and energy, then kickboxing is just the thing for you!

Calorie Burning Workout # 3


Whether it’s indoor biking that you prefer or good old outdoor biking, maintaining a pace of 14 to 16 miles per hour will help you burn at least 700 calories. Biking is a great calorie burning workout because so many people are already accustomed to the idea of cycling, and own a bike too! So there’s no need to invest in a gym membership or buy expensive exercise equipment; just take time out to bike regularly and watch the weight drop off.

Calorie Burning Workout # 4

 Jump Rope

Did you know that 10 minutes of jump rope burns about 130 calories? That’s a whopping 780 calories in an hour! Jump rope workouts are simple, no fuss workouts that require limited space and only one piece of equipment i.e. the jump rope itself. This workout is great for the entire body and really gives your muscles a solid workout. And you know what the golden rule is: the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn! 

Calorie Burning Workout # 5


Running consistently for one hour is a lot harder than it looks. You will not be able to manage it if you don’t have a background of staying physically fit. Set realistic targets for yourself and build your stamina up until you are able to run for one hour at a stretch. Running for one hour can help you burn at least 650 calories!

Calorie Burning Workout # 6

Aerobic Step Classes

Aerobic step classes are challenging and highly effective when it comes to calorie blasting. Using a six inch platform in a one hour aerobics session can help you burn at least 600 calories, and build up your stamina and endurance too!



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