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How Can Yoga Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

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How Can Yoga Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Extraordinary sex starts with profound relaxation, which amasses blood in the body’s center. From there it flows to the privates when you feel focused on the right moment. As you get aroused, the vessels that carry blood into your sexual organs expand and increase blood flow into the penis. This additional blood allows for a healthy erection.

Erectile Dysfunction

The point when a man discovers it troublesome to maintain an erection vital for sexual intercourse, the case is regularly described as impotence. The psychological costs of impotence are high. There are different meanings of impotence globally but the common denominator is powerlessness. Numerous men with erectile dysfunction might feel irate or blameworthy and get discouraged, not only about their sex-life but also about life in general. Many lose involvement in sex and relationships.

Major reasons for erectile dysfunction include muscular tension, absence of physical activity and a poor eating regimen. Yoga, the aged practice of recuperating and mindfulness, is usually known to lessen muscular tension and to aid in developing a sound lifestyle. In light of research, yoga may help to counteract the dangers of erectile dysfunction. Allopathic medicines cater only temporary functioning and do not have a prolonged effect in terms of maintaining adequate penile blood flow. Yoga poses to cure erectile dysfunction have shown sustained results and yoga for impotence may just be the answer!

Yoga For Impotence

Yoga for impotence begins by curing the obstructions in the blood flow of the penis. Significant increase in flaccid penile girth has also been reported by some men in India practicing yoga poses to cure erectile dysfunction. This makes sense because once obstructed vessels open up the regular non-tensed muscles of the penis will sustain better volume of blood giving it a general increase in size during flaccidity.


The word “Khandasana” means “Bulbous root posture.” The following procedure is one of the many ways you can use Yoga poses to cure erectile dysfunction. Use it as a starting point in your research to cure impotence or to keep it at bay:

  1. Be seated with your feet extended right in front of you. Bow the knees, expand the thighs, bring your feet towards the stem until your ankles are near the perineum having your knees touch the floor.
  2. Ensure your right leg is in your right hand and the left leg in your left palm.
  3. With the support of your hands, pull your feet towards your stem, adjust the lower leg, and drag the thighs and knees, placing your ankles and the external sides of the feet touching the navel and midsection. In the beginning, the feet are liable to slip down. Exercise the posture for a couple of weeks, holding the feet solidly against the midsection.
  4. Disengage the hands stretch them. Hold the back upright and continue in the posture for 30 seconds, breathing deeply throughout.
  5. Advanced students might raise the hands in the air with palms together, straight above the head.
  6. Holding your legs with your hands, lower them down to the floor and rest.

Make sure that each muscle underneath the navel is coaxed into behaving the way it should. The posture cures excessive muscular tension in the lower leg joints, hips and knees. It restores sexual vigor and controls the urge to ejaculate so that you can satisfy both your & your partner’s needs to the fullest.

However, be sure to discuss all health & wellness concerns with your doctor & a qualified Yoga practitioner before you start. A little bit of prudence goes a long way towards living a healthy & fulfilling life!

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