How Yoga can help with Bursitis


How Yoga can help with Bursitis

Oct 10, 2012 //

Yoga for bursitis? Let’s first understand what bursitis exactly is. Bursae are basically sacs filled with fluid between the bones, tendons and muscles. Bursitis occurs on the inflammation of the bursae. Most commonly, bursitis hits the shoulders, hip, knees and elbows.  For various reasons yoga has been established as an effective treatment to seek relief against bursitis. Yoga has the impact of strengthening the joints unfortunately affected by bursitis, proving to be a reliable solution to this condition. Hence, yoga for bursitis may actually be a plausible solution. Nonetheless, if you suffer from bursitis (which has not been infected) you will require to get some quality rest and may be prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain. Make sure to consult your physician before practicing yoga.

The following yoga poses are mild and will help provide a light exercise to the areas that were affected by bursitis. Here are some of the most effective yoga poses for the purpose of effective treatment against bursitis.

Warrior II Pose – Virabhadrasana II

This pose is particularly helpful with bursitis affecting the shoulders. By keeping the shoulders lower than their actual place or equal to their height helps build arm strength without further aggravating the bursae. This pose entails extending your arms out so that they are parallel to the floor. The palms of the hands must be facing the floor. If you turn the palms over so that they are facing the ceiling, you will in effect be allowing an opening of the shoulders. Furthermore, the rotation of the arm in an upward direction may also help you alleviate some pain. If the pain continues to persist even after extending the arms out in a lateral fashion, then perhaps you can provide rest to your shoulders by keeping your hands in front of your heart clasped as in a prayer pose.
Warrior II Pose – Virabhadrasana II Profile

Vrikshansana – The Tree Pose

The balancing tree if modified slightly can be highly beneficial in dealing with bursitis affecting the hip, knee or the shoulder. Essentially, it is a yoga pose that works the best on hip, knee, shoulder, ankles on both the sides of the body. When dealing with a bursitis leg, balance on the affected leg while keeping the foot of the other leg close to the ground until the bursae go down in inflammation. When comes to trying to alleviate bursitis affecting the shoulder, keeping the hands clasped in a prayer pose in front of the heart  can be extremely helpful. This pose is better than extending the arms with the hands clasped over the head, which will place more pressure on the shoulder and neck both.
Vrikshansana – The Tree Pose Profile

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose – Ardha Matsyendrasana

A slight modification of the seated twist pose can be highly beneficial in alleviating bursitis of the hip, which very commonly occurs in runners and cyclists. What the seated twist pose does is that it helps strengthen the femur and the pelvic bone by stretching on the muscles and also allowing a stretch of a rotational fashion to the torso, stabilizing that too. In the condition of a hip bursitis, if crossing the foot over the thigh of the opposite leg is too painful then you can also perform the twist by keeping the foot only next to the thigh of the opposite leg instead of over it.

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