Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Working Out?


Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Feb 3, 2015 //

Despite what gym membership directors and fitness trainers tell you, there are ways to shed an appreciable number of pounds without having to break a sweat. Workouts are great for overall health and fitness, but they’re not the only way to shed weight.

Why Workouts Work

A workout schedule is effective for weight loss because it works the heart while engaging other muscle groups in the body and melting off fat deposits. Mainly, it burns calories, and to lose weight, you’ll need to burn more than you take in.

Old-School Working Out

We’ve got a lot of conveniences in modern society. We don’t have to walk to make a phone call at a telephone booth — we just pull our cell phones from our pockets. Remote controls, dishwashers, clothes washers, and leaf and snow blowers do most of the manual work for us. Most of us are pretty sedentary. To lose weight naturally, you’ll need to find ways to work calorie burning into your everyday life.

Sit on a Ball

If you sit for hours at work, replace your desk chair with an exercise ball. You’ll lose more weight than you’ll expect. An exercise ball forces you to engage the muscles in your core, lower back and thighs while you sit.

Stand at Work

Don’t love the exercise ball idea? Build a standing workstation. Studies have shown that standing without any activity can burn 114 calories each hour.

Go the Distance

Make things a little, well, harder for yourself. Shun the elevator or escalator, and use the stairs. Park on the far end of the parking lot. If you’re going anywhere that isn’t more than a mile or two away, just walk.

While dropping pounds might take a little longer than it would with frequent gym trips, a more active lifestyle can give you effective, long-lasting, weight loss.

Nate Sterling

Nate is a wandering writer who currently lives in West New York and is passionate about Luxury lifestyles, Travel, great cuisine, and the use of health and fitness as a vehicle towards a holistic existence. Using his over 17 years of competitive combat sport experience spanning three different continents, Nate is now intent on helping people live healthy lives through exercise and diet.

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