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Oblique Exercises for Men

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Oblique Exercises for Men

The oblique muscles are situated on either side of the abdominal muscles and these are the very muscles that are responsible for those 6 pack abs which can be acquired only when your body is absolutely toned and the body fat is at its minimum. The main function of the oblique muscles is to facilitate the rotation of the trunk of the body and they can be categorized into internal and external oblique muscles. Hence, those exercises which involve the rotation of the lower part of the torso are the most effective as oblique exercises.
Here are some oblique exercises especially designed for men aiming at helping them achieve the dream goal of a sic pack held onto by many!

The Medicine Ball Toss

This oblique exercise for men will not only help tone the obliques and get rid of the love handles, but also build endurance. If you cannot find a wall to carry out this exercise, you can also execute it with a training partner who is doing the very same oblique exercise with you

  • Take a medicine ball, place it next to you and stand parallel to a wall with a bend in your knees
  • Turn around and toss the medicine ball against the wall
  • Now retrieve the ball hurriedly and keep repeating the tossing and retrieving of the ball constantly for 45 seconds


The hyperextension is yet another oblique exercise which can help you acquire that classic V-shape ready to make anyone ogle in awe, wonder and delight!

  • On a hyperextension bench, get on and tuck the feet and the legs under the foot pads available
  • With the back straightened up, the thighs lying on the wider part of the bench, place your hands behind your ears and bend in a forwards direction on your waist
  • Keep pushing yourself as down below as you can and are comfortable with and then come back up forming a straight line with the back
  •  Perform 2 sets with ten repetitions each and each time you bend and lean forwards make sure you go all the way down and when you come up, make sure you come back up with the back straight and in line before you dip down again.

Side Plank Drop

The slide plank drop is a great exercise to tone the obliques and the abdominals both at the same time in a very efficient manner.

  • Lie down in a plank position, which is pretty much the same as a push up initial pose, except with a plank you are resting on your forearms and toes
  • Rotate to one side, with one hand on the floor and the side that is outwards has the hip sticking out in direction of the ceiling
  • Now drop down and let the hip touch the floor on the other side
  • Bring the hip back up towards the ceiling and repeat the dropping and picking motion of the hip about 25 times
  • Throughout this exercise make sure your abs are as tightly held as possible and the body is fully straight and erect


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