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Physical Benefits of Jumping Exercises

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Physical Benefits of Jumping Exercises

That’s right! Fight gravity and master some jumping moves to add a little levity to your regular workout. You might be skeptical about seriously considering an activity that you haven’t indulged in since your childhood days, right? Your sentiments are understandable, but once you know how highly the fitness world regards jumping exercises, you’ll be hard pressed to change your perception about jumping exercises forever! Without even a modicum of exaggeration, jumping exercises are one of the best exercises that you can include in your regular fitness routine. It’s a lighthearted way of getting some serious work done. And we’re talking about some solid calorie crunching, fat busting and body strengthening work!

What Jumping Exercises Hold For You

There’s so much more to jumping exercises than you could ever have imagined. And if the thought of plain old jumping seems strange to you, why not try out some jump rope exercises? They’re heaps of fun, and target all the muscles of the body! Let’s take a look at why adding some levity to your exercise routine will allow you to derive maximum physical benefits from your workout!

Jumping Exercise Benefit # 1- Cardiovascular Benefits

Giving your body a good dose of cardio regularly is one of the best ways to keep your heart muscle strong and healthy. Not only will jumping exercises keep your heart pumping, but they will also enhance the oxygen intake, and subsequent absorption and utilization of oxygen by the body. And you know what the basic formula is: the more oxygen available for usage by your body, the more energy is produced for performing the basic bodily functions needed to sustain your normal functioning!

Jumping Exercise Benefit # 2- Tones the Body

Who doesn’t want a well-toned, shapely body that they could be proud of? No matter how frivolous jumping exercises might sound to you, it is a proven fitness fact that as far as toning and body sculpting goes, jumping exercises have heaps to offer! Not only do jumping exercises focus on your leg muscles, but they also make use of your core abdominal muscles which are required to maintain balance and stability as you jump up into the air against the pull of gravity. In fact, according to fitness experts, jumping exercises make use of most muscles that other exercise forms miss out on!

Jumping Exercise Benefit # 3- Burns Calories

Will I burn enough calories during my jumping exercises? That question is sure to be on your mind, and rightly so. Rest assured, jumping exercises are a means of some serious calorie blasting action! In fact, 10 minutes jump rope can burn 100 calories or more! And since jumping exercises are so much fun to do, you won’t even feel like you are exercising.

Jumping Exercise Benefit # 4- A Improved Balance

Jumping off the ground means resisting the pull of gravity. This action requires bodily stability and balance. Moreover, jumping exercises are a great way to train your body to react quickly and with agility whenever there is a chance that you may lose your balance and come crashing to the ground. With the experience of gravity defying jumping exercises under your belt, you can fine tune your reflexes and prevent injuries brought about by loss of balance!

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