The Best Exercises for a Lean Body

Oct 13, 2012 //

A lean body is one of the most popular images that people all over the world crave for. According to popular opinion, people with this body type tend to have higher levels of self confidence because they believe they look better and appear more graceful than stout bodied people. However, a lean body is not that easy to achieve and maintain and does require some hard work. A good workout that includes exercises of the aerobic, muscle building and posture improving variety can help you achieve this goal. This coupled with a low fat diet can really help you achieve excellent results! Here are some workouts that when incorporated into your daily lifestyle will ensure that you are well on your way to achieving a lean body type.


Aerobics as a lean body workout?  Well, it is a scientific fact that in order to lose I pound of fat you need to create a calorie deficit of about 3500 in your body. Research has shown that high intensity exercise of the aerobic variety is the most effective way to create this deficit. Research has shown that a thirty minute workout on practically an everyday basis is the amount of exercise that you should aim for. The best example of aerobic exercise is the cardio kind because they increase your heart rate and drive up your metabolism which causes calories to be burned at a faster pace. Not only that, but the more intense the workout, the higher the number of calories burnt. The treadmill and elliptical machines really help you make your workout more intense.

Weight Training

Weight training should be another important aspect of your lean body workout. Weight training basically involves the buildup of muscles. This is done by burning fat so that a lot of calories are burnt in the process and only healthy mass is left in the body. Not only that, but research has shown that weight training causes the metabolic rate to shoot up and remain high even after the workout so that when the body is resting, calories are still being burnt. There are some studies that have proven that the metabolic rate remains high for up to 24 hours after the work out.


Pilates is actually known as a ‘lean body workout’. Even though Pilates are not specifically targeted towards burning excessive amounts of calories and bulking up muscles, they involve stretching. This makes the different muscle groups stretch in such a way that they become longer and make the body appear leaner. Not only that, but Pilates also give a person a better posture and people with a better posture always tend to look as though they have a lean body.


Again, yoga is not aimed at burning too many calories but it tones the body up by stretching the muscles in each and every part and giving one a posture and thus, a lean body. Not only that, but yoga improves blood circulation which drives up metabolism and does indeed help in burning calories.

Alice Toyonaga

Alice Toyonaga, also known as ChatterRunGirl, is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and avid goal-setter. She has spent the last 9 years of her life redefining her definitions of physical and mental health, genuine happiness, and appreciation and gratitude for a fit and strong body. Alice’s goal is to integrate yoga and running and work with all levels of athletes to improve their performance and keep them healthy in their bodies.

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