The Top Five Calorie-Blasting Workouts

May 1, 2015 //

Want to lose weight fast? Then turn your regular exercise routine into a calorie blasting workout, and watch your tummy shrink!

Some of the best calorie blasting workouts engage aerobic exercise or cardio to bring your heartrate up. This helps boost the metabolism and get your body into calorie burning action. With various plyometric sets, strength training and combined movements, these workouts instantly shift your body into weight loss mode through high intensity intervals and stretches.

Besides the usual workouts like power-walking, cycling, and swimming, blast the calories by turning up the intensity. Have you already mastered the basics? Then jump right into an intense slimming workout with high calorie counts.

What are some high-calorie workouts worth a try?

1. HIIT Workouts

A HIIT workout is a High Intensity Interval Training exercise designed to burn calories. A bonus is that the workout only takes 20 minutes to perform!

“A study from Australia reported that females following a 20-minute HIIT program, consisting of eight-second sprints followed by 12 seconds of rest, lost six times more body fat than the group who followed a 40-minute cardio program performed at a constant intensity of 60 percent of their maximum heartrate.”

The change in pace from quick-bursts to rest create an ideal recipe for burning right through tummy fat. That’s because your body learns to perform much better with a 1:4 or higher with a 1:2 work-rest ratio and finally ending in 2:1. How is this accomplished?

Up the exercise every other week:

Start each exercise at 15 seconds with 60 seconds in between. Then on the third week increase this number to 30 seconds and 60 seconds, then 30 and 30, and finally 30 and 15.

In time, watch the pounds disintegrate right before your eyes!

2. Tabata Training

The newest trend of Tabata fitness was developed by a scientist and team of researchers at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Tabata conducted his tests with a group of athletes who performed moderate and high-intensity workouts. The workout lasts for four minutes and requires you to work hard for 20 seconds with just 10 seconds in between at a total of four sets for 16 minutes altogether.

Options Include:

  • Sit-ups
  • Pushups
  • Burpees
  • Squats

Tabatas, much like HIIT Workouts, are quick-burst intervals that allow you to accomplish weight loss much quicker than ever before. That is because these exercises were developed to be performed in half the time!

3. Ashtanga Yoga

The practice of Ashtanga Yoga makes use of steady flowing motions and breathing techniques to provide ease of weight loss. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word Ashtanga for “eight-limbed” yoga, and works to align breaths with motions to increase the overall impact. Each exercise is comprised of an opening sequence, six main poses of the series, a back sequence, and the finishing sequence of inverted asanas.

A great way to up the intensity with Ashtanga Yoga is to perform in a hot room to increase the body temperature, promote detoxification through perspiration, and aid the body’s natural ability to burn fat.

4. P90 X Plyometrics

The P90 X system aka the “Beach Body” exercise is one of the most effective techniques to get fit fast. Although it may be challenging for beginners, it works by using high intensity plyometrics to work various muscle groups throughout the week. Through continuous cross-training and “muscle confusion,” P90 X keeps the body from fitting itself to one set exercise and leveling off.

The line-up includes Tony Horton’s adapted versions of Traditional Plyometrics, Kenpo Martial Arts, Yoga Stretches, and others for some added fun while working out at full intensity.

5. CrossFit

Many start up a CrossFit regime to workout with other like-minded individuals. What makes CrossFit such a unique exercise for weight loss is that it comes with a coach and support group to cheer you on through each workout! No matter the case, if you are a long time athlete looking to get back into the groove, you’ll find that this exercise allows you to challenge yourself and reach even greater heights. Many who practice Crossfit do so with passion.

Crossfit combines HIIT Training, Plyometrics, Olympic Weightlifting, and Gymnastics to deliver some of the most intense calorie blasting exercises known to the fitness world. That’s because not only will you drop the pounds, you will also be sculpting your newly toned look along the way.

They say a flat tummy is a pipe dream for some, but with an attitude of discipline anything can be achieved. Adopt one of these calorie blasting workouts, and stick with it! These proven techniques work, so apply the added time and effort and have patience! Your results may reveal themselves at a crawling pace little by little each week, so keep your final destination in mind.

Are you serious about your slimming efforts? Then be sure you follow these five simple weight loss tips for the best results.


Amber Racer

Amber is a creative writer who practices qi gong and traditional Japanese martial arts techniques that date back to the samurai (Jinenkan). She founded The Oracle's Library indie publisher of Philosophy and loves to share her curious passion for mind-body-spirit topics, natural remedies, and good health practices with others.

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