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Things You Need To Know When Joining a Zumba Class

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Things You Need To Know When Joining a Zumba Class

Planning to join a Zumba class? There are some things that you need to know before joining. For instance, the Zumba community is growing day by day; this dancing exercise is enjoyed by a lot of people. Zumba is both exciting and beneficial for health. Zumba is also considered to be one of the most easiest and cost efficient exercises. So get up and burn that extra fat! But before you do that, you need to attend to certain things. Fitness Republic will tell you about some important pointers need to be considered before starting your Zumba training.

Types of Zumba

There might be people who are not aware of this, but Zumba has many types. Each type fulfills the needs of different individuals. Zumba Gold is targeted towards active elderly people; the movements in this type are limited. There is a special type of Zumba that is designed for kids, this is called Zumbatomic. Aqua Zumba is for individuals who appreciate a good “pool party” this training session involves exercising in the pool! Zumba toning on the other hand is specially for shaping up the body. There are also other types of Zumba such as Zumba basic training, Zumba in the circuit, Zumba Gold-toning and Zumba sentao.

Get all the details about the types of Zumba classes available and then chose the one you think is right for you!

Beginner’s Tips

Worried about what to wear? Zumba classes do not have a particular dress code; the only thing that needs to be taken care of is that you have to wear something comfortable. This is because this dancing exercise requires a lot of movement and wearing formal clothes won’t allow you to do that. So dress smart! Chose the correct kind of shoes as well, no formal shoes! Get shoes in which you can move and turn around easily.
When you start your Zumba training, it is better to first understand what is going on. Try to feel the music and get in the groove! Start with the easier dance steps first; you could even make your own dance steps.
Most Zumba sessions last for about 30 to 60 minutes, during this whole time you would be moving a lot. So, keep yourself hydrated, drink a lot of water. It is also important to warm up before you start your training, this would reduce the chances of getting injured during movements.

Typical Zumba Class

When you join a Zumba class you come in contact with a lot of new people. During the class the intensity of the workout will vary from low to high. This is to cater to both the beginners and the advanced individuals. The rhythms would also be changing like salsa, cha cha and belly dancing. These change in rhythms and intensity can give you high impact aerobic training. It is important to warm up before starting with the training and cooling down after the training is over.
A typical Zumba class would last for about 30 to 60 minutes. This would be 60 minutes of dancing, fun and excitement! If you take part in 2 to 3 sessions per week it would help a lot to burn the calories and extra fat.

Zumba Network

If you want to be updated about what is going on in the Zumba world, then have your own Zumba Instructor Network or ZIN. In order to join this network, you need to pay a monthly fee. This network would keep you updated about new trends, new Zumba songs, training through ZINtv and also access to the Zumba Forum where you can talk to other members and instructors, you could talk about problems that you are having.

However, in order to continue being a part of the network it is important to renew the membership every month by paying the fees. This network is excellent for all types of users whether they are beginners or advanced.

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