Tone It Up Tuesday! Tone Your Body In 15 Minutes


Tone It Up Tuesday! Tone Your Body In 15 Minutes

Apr 21, 2015 //

The week's just gathering up steam. Monday's passed, and you somehow survived, again. Tuesday's high time for toning up, and capitalizing on how you want the rest of the week to go. Obviously, time's a precious commodity in a fast-paced world. Follow this 15-minute workout, and shed the unwanted flab for the fast approaching sunny spring and summer days.

1. Single-Leg Deadlift

Duration: 2 minutes—1 minute each leg

This exercise actively engages your core, which helps fight against the potential for the development of back pain, and additionally burns those glutes, one at a time! The key, as you'll note in the instructional video, is to keep your core engaged throughout the workouts entirety. The motion calls upon you to use your glutes to pull your bent body back upright, instead of your back.

Link: The Right Deadlift Is the Single Leg Deadlift

2. Side Plank (Left and Right)

Duration: 2 minutes—1 minute each side

The magic of the plank is its inherent ability to target those deep-seated abdominal muscles: the oblique and transverse abdonimus. Not only are you working the abs, you're also putting quite a bit of exertion on those shoulder muscles to keep you upright off the floor. The plank's a great exercise to finish up a cardio workout, since it extends the post-run sweat period. Many high-ranked fitness professionals like Dr. Jinger Gottschall, assistant professor of Kinesiology at Penn State University, says plank is superior to other exercises that target the abs because it operates on a three-dimensional plane; from hip to shoulder. 

Link: How to Do a Side Plank

3. Pushups

Duration: 2 minutes

Pushups are for everyone: mud-crusted Marines, high school football players, CrossFit go-getters and you! This exercise utilizes your bodyweight, and is impressively accessible. Whether you’re in the office, a crammed hotel room, at home, or in the gym, you can easily perform pushups.

Link: How to Do A Proper Push Up

4. Plies with calf raises

Duration: 2 minutes

Let’s take the heat off the upper body, and hit those inner thighs and calves for a hot couple minutes! Plies are a common part of a dancer's routine; they require you to pay particular attention to your state of balance as you work your glutius maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Link: Plies in 2nd Position with Calf Raises

5. Mountain Climbers

Duration: 1 minute

Back to the padded floor for more core! Though much like planks, they target the upper and lower core, mountain climbers involve a much greater deal of movement as you raise your feet to your chest in a back and forth motion while keeping your back straight as possible.

Link: How to Do a Mountain Climber

6. Jumping rope

Duration: 2 minutes

Grab the nearest jump rope and run in place fast as you can for two minutes, keeping your feet above the rope to avoid getting caught, of course. Health professionals hold this cardio-intensive exercise in high regard for its superior ability to raise the heart rate (and keep it up) in the quickest amount of time.

Link: Jump Rope Run in place

7. Triceps Extension

Duration: 2 minutes

Lest we forget to target the back muscles! Though triceps extensions aren't ranked high among other back/triceps workout variations, these exercises do introduce much sought after variety to your workout. That will help you avoid hitting a dreaded workout plateau.

Link: How to Do Triceps Dumbbell Extensions

8. Step-Ups

Duration: 1 minute, 30 second rest, 1 minute

Back to the cardio grind we go. What would Tone It Up Tuesday be without finishing on a high note with an agility focused exercise that’ll have you feeling all parts exhausted and triumphant? Step-ups require you to keep up on light feet, and generally rapid alternating motion. An immediate and obvious benefit to this particular exercise is its accessibility. It can be performed most anywhere so long as you have a moveable and elevated surface to work off of. A chair poses as a great candidate, and if you happen to be performing the step-ups from your gym, you should be able to find a heightened (mobile) platform intended for them.

Link: How to Do Step-Ups

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