Total-Body Stability Ball Workout


Total-Body Stability Ball Workout

Feb 2, 2015 //

Stability balls serve more purpose than simply taking up space, and contributing multi-colored decoration value; they’re incredibly dynamic workout devices. Stability balls are equally practical between those working to sustain optimal levels of fitness, and those working to get back into shape and recover from injuries.

Consider the following; all stations should be repeated as a circuit 3 times through, with eight repetitions at each station. Your ideal rest period between circuits should fall somewhere in between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Station #1: The Tricep Dip

The dips are concentrated to a minimal range of motion, and target your triceps above all else, through engaging your upper body first moment in. The lowering, then raising motions within that of the triceps dips call upon your triceps muscles to resist the gravitational pull continually placed upon your body. We all recognize, push-ups are great body-weight exercises, and uncontestably have their merits – but sometimes target-muscle isolation is key for quicker gains!

Station #2: Plank

Position yourself such that you’re in the push-up position, with your head and elbows hanging over the stability ball – in plank like fashion. Consult the video for further ‘how-to’ clarification.

This exercise builds upon the already effective, core strengthening mechanisms in that of the plank and forces you to keep position in the face of anything-but-balanced circumstances.

Shoot for 45 seconds on this station.

Station #3: Shoulder Curl And Press

The abs are burning at this point, your triceps are turning heads, and you haven’t even hit the shoulders and biceps yet! This exercise targets your biceps and shoulders through a curl like, press movement.

Seek additional encouragement by considering just how bold those newly broadened shoulders, and biceps to boot, will look in a tee a few weeks from now!

Station #4: Side Squat

This time of year many of us have resorted to wearing pants, as we’re not advocates of freezing calves; slim fitting pants just look better, especially when the stability ball has trimmed those legs of yours a fiercely, eye-catching kind of fine.

Let’s be honest for a moment; the likelihood you’d be able to convince yourself to a grueling, burning in all the wrong thigh-places run was in the cards after an extensive stability ball led workout was slim to nil.

All the more cause to incorporate yet another stability ball exercise that’ll help target all parts of your body!

Station #5: Plank Pike-Up

Your body is restless with fiery, oxygen deprived, exhaustion. Your muscles have been worked, and then worked over again to the point of physically numbed, energy drained delirium.

The plank pike-up calls forth your dwindling sense of equilibrium, and urgently asks you to test the outer limits; and come out just a bit stronger for the next go around.

The main muscle groups you’ll be targeting with this exercise are your abs, and lower back. Hey, at least the legs get a breather, right?

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