Transform Your Body with Dance Workouts


Transform Your Body with Dance Workouts

Apr 18, 2015 //

Exercise is a necessary evil for those who want to stay healthy. Although working out is extremely rewarding and sometimes fun, many people are turned off by traditional methods of exercise. (Running, weight-lifting, etc.) If you want to start working out, but don't want to join the gym rat race, then dance workouts are the answer to your prayers! There are a ton of fun dance workout options for all levels of expertise and physical types. Here are a few popular ones that you might want to try. 

1. Ballet

Ballet is a traditional form of dance that teaches grace, poise, and balance. Typically, ballet was reserved for little girls in tights and tutus, or the elite professionals. Ballet, however, is finding its way into mainstream fitness with classes like Barre. During a Barre class, students line up at a ballet bar and learn different positions that work every muscle in their bodies. Barre combines ballet, pilates, and yoga techniques to create a fun and effective dance workout. 

2. Zumba

Zumba exploded onto the scene a few years ago and has earned a reputation for being the most fun you'll have at the gym. Zumba combines hip-hop and Latin dancing with some great club music to get your blood pumping. With the influx of at-home videos and games, Zumba is something that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. 

3. Piloxing

Pilates and kickboxing are great workouts on their own. But some supergenius decided to combine the dance moves from boxing and the standing workout from pilates to create the ultimate fitness hybrid. Piloxing helps to burn maximum calories and promote strength and stamina, all while toning your muscles. 

4. Body Jam/Sh'Bam

Similar to Zumba, BodyJam, or Sh'Bam, is a dance fitness class that combines your favorite Top 40 hits with intense, muscle-building choreography. Although it takes a few classes to get into the swing of things, you'll have so much fun at BodyJam that you'll forget you're working out! 

5. Fusion

As you've probably noticed, there are a ton of dance fitness classes out there. What if you can't decide on a specific one? Fusion classes take the best parts of all dance fitness workouts and combine them into their hybrid classes. Whether you're a hip-hop junkie or prefer ballet, Fusion classes will allow you to hone your skills and even learn some new ones. 

Victoria Caroccia

Victoria is a freelance writer from New York City. She writes about anything and everything, but mostly covers fashion, beauty, fitness, music, and reality television for several online publications.

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