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Ultimate 90-Day Workout Plan

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Ultimate 90-Day Workout Plan

Much can be accomplished in 90 days. This is enough time to change your body and change your life. There's a boatload of 90-day workout plans out there. Let’s compare some of them and find out which one's the best.

1. P90X3

P90X3 is an intense series of home workouts sold on DVD. The workouts only last 30 minutes, but they’re super challenging. This encourages very good results; but it also means that this exercise regime may be too intense for some people.

P90X3 is designed to be done for 90 days, and it combines a lot of different movements and modes of activity, including yoga, Pilates, mixed martial arts movements and strength training.

One of the pros of P90X3 is its affordability, and the fact you can complete the workout from the comfort of your home. Additionally, includes many different workout options to help you keep from getting bored.

Unfortunately you still have to pay something for the program; it may be hard to motivate yourself to exercise alone; and you don’t have any supervision to help make sure you’re performing the workouts correctly.

2. Warrior 90 Workout

Warrior 90 is a 90-day workout plan for men and women developed by HASfit. Unlike P90X3, it's free. It's designed as a program for intermediate to advanced athletes, and as such is not a good fit for fitness newbies. Warrior 90 includes a 13-week workout schedule, in which each week has between 5 and 6 workout days and 1 or 2 rest days. The workouts are designed to be able to be finished in under 50 minutes.

The only equipment necessary is a pair of dumbbells, and the workouts have names like “15 Minute Insanity Cardio Workout,” “20 Minute Warrior,” and “Sweat is Fat Crying.” Along with the Warrior 90-day workout plan, HASfit offers free nutritional plans.

Warrior 90 shares many of the same pros and cons as P90X3. The fact that it is free is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s much easier to start things that are free. On the other hand, putting money into a plan often can help you feel more invested in it.

3. Good Housekeeping’s 90-Day Workout Plan

Good Housekeeping’s 90-day workout plan for beginners starts out nice and slow and aims to burn 20 pounds in just 3 months. In the first month, it uses 3 workouts each week, each about 40 minutes long. By the last month, it’s built up to 90 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. Each exercise session begins with cardio, then moves to strength training.

Good Housekeeping’s 90-day workout plan may or may not make you lose 20 pounds, but it is definitely much better than doing nothing. Some advanced exercisers may find that it starts out too gentle, but it could be a large help to people who are just trying to get more active. And by the end, you definitely will have worked up to an impressive level of endurance.

4. Blogilates 90-Day Challenge

Blogilates’s 90 day workout plan also comes with workout routines, a meal plan, and a number of rules about healthy eating. In the plan, Mondays are days to work the whole body. Tuesdays are dedicated to the upper body and back. Wednesday targets the abs and obliques. Thursday hits the lower body, and Friday is a free choice day. Saturday is a cardio day, and Sunday is a rest day.

 Blogilates offers a number of different free exercise videos online to help you through your daily workouts. While most of the videos are relatively short in length, the workout plan calls for about 50 minutes of exercise for most of the workouts. As such, it calls for picking a number of different videos to make up that time.

5. Reform

Muscle and Fitness’s Reform is a 90-day gym workout plan designed to help people go from being out of shape to strong and ripped. It uses a variety of different workouts that progress throughout the 90 days. It starts out with exercises designed to create a strong core and a body that’s ready to really work and then progresses through more and more demanding exercises to really change your body composition.

Reform makes far more use of weights and gym equipment than any of the other 90-day workout plans we’ve looked at. This means that form is extremely important, but it also may make it possible to see even greater body changes than with other options.

Which is the Best?

So which of these plans is the best? It all depends on what your goals are. Do you want to build lots of muscle? Reform might be a good bet. Do you want to get more flexible and do a lot of bodyweight exercises? Blogilates’ might be a good option. Examine what you want to get out of these workout plans, then decide which of these would fit best with you, or whether you’d like to work out in still another way. In today’s world, there are so many great ways to stay active.

Ultimate 90 Days Workout Plan

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