Workout Ideas for Couples


Workout Ideas for Couples

Jun 23, 2012 //

A romantic candle light dinner, a box of chocolates, bouquets of flowers, dressing up or cuddling under the starry night sky may be the highlights of every other date with your significant other, but it does not mean you let your life derail your plans of getting fit when you want to! How about this time around you spice things up in a whole new direction and cash on some workout ideas for couples instead! Not only will these fantastic and super fun ideas give you the opportunity of spending quality time with your love but also give you a chance at a deeper bond, the ability to share a common interest, a build-up in pride and respect for you and your partner and let’s not forget some support and motivation coming from the one who matters the most! Sounds like a good bet doesn’t it?

So, jump on to the workout train and get toned up and at the same time take your relationship to a whole new sky rocketing exciting level! It is a win-win situation indeed! 

Zumbalicious – Hit on The Floor!

If you are one of those outdoorsy couples who love hitting the clubs on the weekends and tearing up the dance floor at every wedding party then this is the best workout for you. Shimmy away at some Zumba dance classes and we assure you there is nothing but fun awaiting you and your partner! This Latin based high energy workout feels more like a dance form and a party in a gym studio more than anything else! Also, there is an added incentive to this couples workout routine! Trust us, when you see your significant other shaking it all to these Latino beats you will be so turned on, you will never skip a class!

Cycling – Pedal It!

If you enjoy nature and like strolling around in the park with your significant other and hate the idea of sitting fixated in front of a TV or trapped inside a gym room, we have the perfect solution for you! Enjoy the sunshine, the wind in your hair and the perfect company of your significant other and head outside for a bike ride together! Couple cycling is a particular favorite of the celebrities as a way of spending time with your significant other while staying in shape. Whether it is a leisurely stroll you enjoy or racing downtown or even dirtying it up on mounds of sand and mud, cycling is an amazing and a fun way to get your heart pumping and body breathing! Also, given the change in scenery very time you head out geared up on your bicycles you are sure to always and never get bored of monotony!

Yoga – Lay It Low!

If you are the more chill, take-it-easy and don’t rush it kind of a couple and enjoy savoring every moment to its entirety amidst peace and sensuality, the your call of duty in terms of the perfect couple workout routine is Yoga! Not only is yoga the perfect way to burn calories, but also strengthening the body, stress reducer and a feel good drill! Furthermore, the bond that yoga will muster between you and your significant other will be something fiery! All the stretching and bending can really heat things up wherever you are!

Mix It Up – Booty Camp!

This workout idea for couples is for those who get bored really easily, need something new and exciting to do each time and ant stand monotony! So if you qualify as one of those couples who jumps at every opportunity of trying out a new hobby together, a new fashion trend you’ve been hearing about or even a new restaurant, boot camp your kind of fitness routine! This intense nonstop workout will not only challenge your body, it will also challenge your mind! Switching from jumping jacks, to pus-ups, to pull-ups, to squats you won’t only be killing calories and building lean muscle, but also keeping the energies high and alive!

Box It Out!

Don’t be ashamed if you and your significant other tend to lose it on each other! The answer to this may not always be couples counseling just by the way! We suggest, how about you let the soar attitude loose on something that could be productive in more ways than one? Here’s a thought: take up boxing classes! A few jabs here and there and a little aggression on the field will not only fulfill your purpose of a couple workoutbut also channel out all that frustration in a rather healthy way and most importantly a controlled environment, so well, there aren’t any serious injuries or a Mr. and Mrs. Smith kinda showdown!

Alice Toyonaga

Alice Toyonaga, also known as ChatterRunGirl, is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and avid goal-setter. She has spent the last 9 years of her life redefining her definitions of physical and mental health, genuine happiness, and appreciation and gratitude for a fit and strong body. Alice’s goal is to integrate yoga and running and work with all levels of athletes to improve their performance and keep them healthy in their bodies.

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