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Workout Tips For TRX Suspension Training

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Workout Tips For TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is a method of strength and endurance training. It is unique in that it uses your own body weight for resistance, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy! There are techniques you can use in suspension training to adapt it for beginners or supercharge the intensity for the more advanced athletes. There is minimal equipment, so you can either buy a kit for home workouts or you can find a gym that teaches TRX by certified TRX instructors. For more TRX workout tips, keep reading and we’ll introduce you to a highly efficient suspension training workout!

Lose That Belly Fat

TRX suspension training is a full-body workout, which is what makes it so effective metabolically. When you get all your large muscle groups working at the same time, you burn calories and use up excess fat stores at a greater rate than just working one body part at a time. So if you’re packing extra weight, especially around your middle, TRX will increase lean muscle tissue and burn that belly fat right off.

TRX for Cross Training

Sports that require lots of core and upper body strength such as football, baseball and even surfing also require lots of endurance. This is why professional and competitive athletes cross train with TRX. The upper body and core challenges plus cardiovascular endurance you gain with TRX helps the athletes’ performance on the field while playing their sport. For maximum performance, any trainer or fitness pro will tell you that cross training is the way to perform at a whole new level.

Total Body Fitness

Enhance your yoga practice with TRX training. In yoga, the whole body is used; the demands of the poses require flexibility, strength, controlled breathing and balance. In other words, core strength. Yoga is both a physical and a mental workout, and the stronger you get with your suspension training and TRX, the more you will get out of your yoga practice as well.

For Runners

With running, you may think you need to focus solely on your legs, but not so. Integrating your upper and lower body strength through a strong core gives you more power behind every stride. The key is to challenge your stability to get the most out of a core workout, and TRX is perfect for that. Take TRX squats for example. These improve hip and ankle mobility, engage your arms and core which improves your running posture and makes your breathing and arm movements at their most efficient.

TRX Equipment

Suspension training is pretty much what it sounds like. The cables that support your weight are anchored into any secured point and there are bars, handles and slings for your hands, feet and body. For example, the bar is called the Rip Trainer and it uses the TRX resistance cord system. This creates a load with varied angles that forces your abs and core to really work. It’s lightweight and is perfect for home use or even as you travel.

Instruction for All Fitness Levels

The suspension trainers can be used by all fitness levels, from beginners to experts since you have the capacity to adjust the exercises to make it easier or harder for you. There are downloadable videos available on the TRX website. These can be downloaded when you create a “My Locker” account which is free. You can register for this even if you don’t purchase anything. There is also 24 hour online chat support and they are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and can answer any question you might have about TRX workouts or equipment.


TRX equipment is relatively simple and can be used virtually anywhere. All you need is a secure anchor point and the cable system creates the perfect environment for resistance and strength training. The TRX kits come with door anchors so that the cable system can be secured in any doorway. It also comes with a suspension anchor that can be used outdoors on a tree branch, a pole or even the uprights on a football goal post.

Low to Zero Impact Workout

Suspension training is not just for getting fit. Because it is low to zero impact it is very easy on the joints. People who come back from sports related injuries can use the TRX system to strengthen and rehabilitate. Many TRX trainers have taken extra training courses that focus specifically on sports medicine. These are Qualification Courses and they offer CEUs for various accrediting organizations like ACE and NASM.

If you’re ready for a whole new workout experience, the TRX suspension system is amazing. It’s versatile, portable and easily adjustable to any fitness level. With these 8 training tips you can take your fitness to a whole new level with TRX!


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