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Workouts to Beat Bra Bulge

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Workouts to Beat Bra Bulge

Wondering how to get rid of bra bulge? Well, that area of the body is where five muscle groups intersect, and so this requires working on all five of them, not just one or two. To blast back fat, your workouts must target the upper arms, shoulders, upper back and chest. Here are some tools and workouts you can use to banish bra bulge.

Gym Workouts

There are several types of equipment you need to fight your battle.


Cardio exercises works your entire body, including the back. Plan to do between two and five hours of cardio per week. It won’t seem like much when you mix up what cardio equipment you’re using. The stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine and elliptical are just a few choices.

Weight Machine

Strength training using weight machines will help tone  those five muscle groups responsible for bra bulge. Each week, two or three sessions of 15 minutes should get you on your way to a firmer back. You can use the rowing machine, lateral pulldown and shoulder press machines to specifically target the back muscles.

Free Weights

Want to skip a day of cardio or the machines? Try the free weights or add them to you current regimen. Free weights include kettlebells, dumbbells, a barbell with weight and/or a medicine ball, so choose your favorites. Try doing some bench presses, lateral raises and other free weight exercises that focus on the upper back and shoulders.

Always give yourself sufficient time to rest between workouts. That means taking a day off between weight-training sessions and mixing up your routine. Go slow, try one thing at a time, and then, create a routine, adding your preferred exercises into your personalize fitness regimen. 

At-Home Moves

You don’t need a gym membership to create a back workout for yourself—all it takes is knowing which exercises and dietary needs really work. Here’s what you can do at home to banish bra bulge:


Eat a wide variety of low-calorie, fresh, unprocessed foods for starters. So, ditch the white sugar and white bread. Want sweeteners? Switch to natural stevia or unprocessed turbinado sugar. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy and drink lots of water! Avoid fast food, frozen dinners, soda, and junk food etc. Snack smart: Pack a baggie full of sliced, mixed veggies and a cup of low-fat ranch to snack on instead of hitting the vending machine. Take your lunch as well—whole grain bread sandwiches with lean turkey or a salad with low-fat dressing, for example.

Everyday Cardio

You can do your two to five hours of cardio a week through exercise, sure, but, work some cardio activity in as you do your housework too. Move that butt as you scrub the tub, wash those windows with gusto! Or, you can opt for an online workout; take live exercise classes in just about any type of exercise imaginable. Move the coffee table, put on your workout attire and work it!

Wardrobe Changes

Another issue causing back bulge could be your bra itself—maybe it’s the wrong size. In the “old days”, women would go to a lingerie store and get fitted for their bra, much like a man would go in and have a suit fitted. But now we go into the store and grab whatever looks pretty and fits our budget.

But don’t skimp on your bra! Bra stores, such as Victoria’s Secret have fitters who’ll measure you for free. It’s worth the extra time to make sure you’re wearing the correct size. Also, birth control and your monthly cycle could affect your bra size, so you might have to switch up which bra you’re wearing from week to week.

The battle of the bulge can be won, as long as you focus on the specific muscles that need working. You can do this with any part of the body, as long as you know which exercises target the muscle groups you want to work on. Work hard, eat well, and get the right bra!



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