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Yoga for Rotator Cuff Injuries

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Yoga for Rotator Cuff Injuries

About Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff pain originates if the four rotator cuff muscles sustain injuries. The rotator muscles attach your upper arm bone to your shoulder blade. Injuries can be caused by poor posture, lifting heavy overhead weights, aging, repetitive stress and weak shoulder muscles.

 Injured rotator cuff muscles result in searing, chronic pain in the affected shoulder. This pain takes its own sweet time to heal. However, the discomfort and agony can be alleviated with yoga exercises. Moreover, practicing yoga regularly can reduce the risks of sustaining rotator cuff injuries by strengthening the shoulders and enhancing their mobility.

Let’s take a look at how yoga postures can help alleviate rotator cuff injuries and the pain associated with them.

Yoga for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Opt for Anusara or Iyengar yoga styles if you suffer from rotator cuff pain. These yoga types focus on strengthening your upper body including the shoulder muscles. They also help to improve your posture by stretching and opening asanas.

You can also attempt the arm positions of the Eagle pose and Cow face pose to give your shoulder muscles a good stretch.

Remember to inform your instructor about your injury so that they can suggest posture modifications for you.

Yoga for Strong Rotator Cuffs

You can also reduce the risk of sustaining rotator cuff injuries by practicing yoga for rotator cuffs!

For Stronger Shoulders

Practicing specific poses that target the supraspinatus rotator muscle can help you to strengthen this muscle without straining your shoulders. The Warrior II pose, chair pose and prasvottanasana pose are great for supraspinatus fortification.

For Shoulder Balance

Yoga postures such as the plank pose, handstand, bakasana and vasisthasana help to fine tune the rotator cuff muscles, ensuring that they can work effectively to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder joint.

For Shoulder Alignment

Poor posture is one of the causes of rotator cuff injuries. Most yoga poses focus on improving your body posture by external arm rotations.

Shoulder Openers

Yoga postures which help to maintain the mobility of the shoulder muscles include the downward facing dog pose and the dolphin pose. These poses help to release the tension in your shoulder muscles and reduce the risk of strained rotator cuffs.


Yoga is a great way to naturally alleviate muscle and joint pain. However, do make sure that you inform your yoga instructor about the extent of your rotator cuff injury before practicing any of the poses.

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