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Zumba® Common Injuries and Risks

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Zumba® Common Injuries and Risks

Zumba is the fitness craze! It is a fitness program inspired by Latin dances and combines aerobics with several Latin dances to allow participants to burn calories and to be in good shape. This unique fitness program combines a variety of dances, namely; hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Furthermore, Martial arts, as well as squats and lunges are also practiced.

Since there is so much physical activity involved, injuries are bound to occur. Here is a list of some common zumba injuries that may occur in during zumba practice and how to avoid them. 

Muscle Sprains

These injuries are common with almost all physical exercises. In Zumba, some movements may overstretch your muscles and result in tears especially on shins. Because of the active footwork, the ankles become prone to tears as well.

Prevention: Wear proper dance shoes.


‘Torquing’ occurs when you wear shoes with thick tread which make Zumba movements difficult as you your feet stick to the floor, hence resulting i the knee’s is facing a different direction from that of the toes. Ultimately, this ends resulting in severe knee pain.   

Prevention: Again, you need to wear the right shoes. Purchase shoes that are specifically designed for dancing with very few treads.

Overuse Injuries

‘Overuse Injuries’ are injuries caused by extreme, continual stress to a particular area of the body. Repeated movements may very well cause overuse injuries that effect joints especially in knees and ankles, causing pain alongside swelling.

Prevention: Do your Zumba on a flat, solid surface.  Don’t always follow the “No pain, no gain” motto. Take a break if a particular part of your body is causing you too much pain.

Increased Heart Beats

Increased heart beats are a common condition of any form of exercise, including Zumba. However, if your heart beat increases significantly, this could result in fatal consequences.
But that’s not a serious concern because Zumba® officials were aware of it long before, hence they initiated different programs for people of different levels, or personal choice.
For instance, Zumba Gold ® is a less intense version of Zumba that may be practiced if you feel that your heart-beat is increasing a little too much. Moreover, you can always modify Zumba to suit your comfort and fitness level.

Stress Fractures

A ‘Stress Fracture’ is an incomplete fracture in the bones that occurs due to repetitive stress to joints. A cracked or semi broken bone can cause stress fractures. According to, most Zumba patients tend to suffer stress fractures of the heel or toe bones. 

Don’t overdo your Zumba. Start with slow movements and gradually pace up.

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