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10 Tips For Burning Belly Fat

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10 Tips For Burning Belly Fat

Losing weight in a specific area isn’t easy. Sometimes — despite all your hard work — it’s very difficult to spot reduce, and this is especially true of belly fat.

Unfortunately, fat storage on the body is genetic, so it’s hard to control where you will lose weight first or more easily in general. Stick with it, and remember that the healthy changes will not only make you look better, but will benefit your body in the long run. Visceral fat around the stomach region leads to many health problems, so use these tips to take care of yourself.

How do you burn off fat fast?

There are a couple of things you can do from both nutrition and exercise points of view to burn off fat more quickly. First off, you can focus on a low carb diet with more lean protein and veggies. This will create less blood sugar spikes and less fat storage. You will retain less water and will look more cut with a focus on a low carb diet. Avoid chemical or preservative laden foods that could disrupt your digestive system or artificially mess with your blood sugar levels or hormones. A study found that higher protein content in a diet was correlated with losing fat while gaining muscle (while participating in a strength training regimen). In addition, your exercise routine matters as well. To burn fat fast, focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and strength training. These types of workouts will kick up your metabolism, grow muscle, and help you shed overall fat quickly. This is because it fires up your metabolism, puts minimal stress on your body, and burns up calories efficiently.

How can you get rid of extra belly fat?

Follow the tips below.

1. Incorporate HIIT Workouts Into Your Routine

Steady state cardio is great for your cardiovascular health, but it isn’t as effective as high intensity interval (HIIT) workouts when it comes to blasting away belly fat for good. HIIT workouts include intervals of quick sprints followed by short periods of rest. A simple sequence is to do 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. This kickstarts your metabolism for the rest of the day and utilizes powerhouse leg muscles that need lots of calories. In comparison, steady state cardio can cause too much stress on the body if performed for too long, which can translate to your body packing on pounds around your middle. HIIT is best because it doesn’t cause this chronic stress that repeated long distance bouts spark. It only causes acute stress, which your body can handle and move on.

2. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods include additives that inflame the body. As mentioned above, inflammation and stress cause the body to pack on more pounds as it sees the situation as threatening. In addition, processed foods are usually higher in sugar and trans fats, which aren’t digested well by the body and pack on extra pounds.

3. Lift Weights

Lifting weights increases muscle tone, and more muscle tone means more calorie burned at rest. Your muscles need more calories to function throughout the day, so lifting weights helps facilitate their growth. The result for you? Less fat and belly flab!

4. Cut Sugar

Sugars, especially those that aren’t natural, end up as fat after they are processed in the body and not used in some physical exertion. When you eat sugar, you are consuming empty calories that don’t provide you nutrition. It’s much better to fill up that calorie allotment with foods that you’ll derive nutrition from and that won’t add extra fat to your waistline.

5. Walk Daily

Daily walks add some slow movement to your day so that you can burn off extra calories without putting stress on the body. In addition, walks are good for clearing your head and decreasing stress, which affects weight gain. Most people put an emphasis on running as they think that will burn more calories and more overall weight. The problem with running is that it puts chronic stress on your body, which wreaks havoc on your hormones and makes it harder to lose weight. Your body senses that it could be in danger and begins to hold onto any calorie that you take in. When you stick to slow movement, you still burn calories, avoid injury, and do not cause chronic inflammation. It’s a win-win for your body!


6. Drink More Water

Replace sugary beverages with water. It’s a given that it will decrease calories, but water will also fill you up and you’ll end up eating less overall. Many people consume most of their calories via beverages whether they are alcoholic, sugary, or just high in calories and additives. Water is the best choice. If you are going for something like almond milk or orange juice, be sure to pay attention to the portion sizes and calories. These can add up quickly. Many people see a significant loss in weight when they begin to control their beverage intake. If you’re out at the bar, alternate every other drink with water to lessen your caloric intake.

7. Sleep More

Your body uses sleep as a time to rest and relax and prepare for the next day mentally and physically. Without it, you’re grehlin (hunger hormone) will be higher and your leptin (which tells you you’re full) will be lower. As you can see, this combination makes you more hungry and less able to be satisfied. Get about 8 hours of shuteye each night to prevent this scenario from occurring! Sleep also ensures that your mental health is at peak condition, so that you can make good decisions about the type of food you choose to put into your body.

8. Decrease Stress

Stress causes your body to hold onto extra weight as it perceives it’s in a threatening situation. Establish proper relaxation techniques to keep your mind and body calm. Decreasing stress is hard, so it’s important to try out some different coping techniques that you can pull out when you feel the stress start to creep in. For many, yoga, walking, meditation, naps, time with friends and family, cooking, reading, playing sports, exercising, and journaling work wonders to zap the stress hormone and relax a bit.

9. Watch Portion Sizes

Our bodies aren’t as simple as calories in and calories out, but cutting out extra calories, especially from unhealthy foods, will decrease weight and overall belly flab. An easy way to cut portion sizes is to look at what your eating and divide it in half or even take a quarter of the food away. It is also important to see what aspect of your dish that you are cutting the calories from as it’s more beneficial to decrease carbs than protein when fat loss is the overall goal.

10. Eat Out Less

Restaurants are fast and convenient, but most dining-out dishes are loaded with extra salt, butter, and extra calories. By preparing your meals at home, you’ll know exactly what goes into your meals and will have more control over the calorie content.

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