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Lose A Few Pounds Without Trying

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Lose A Few Pounds Without Trying

The thought of losing a few pounds always sounds nice; but sometimes it seems like so much work! And after all of the obligations in your life, it’s hard to find the motivation necessary to commit to what we think it will take to achieve rapid weight loss. But losing weight doesn’t have to feel exhaustive as pulling teeth. Here are 10 easy ways to drop pounds without having to try so hard.

1. Eat Mindfully

We spend so much time worrying about what we eat, but how we eat can also matter a great deal. Many of us grow accustomed to eating for reasons other than satisfying the great hunger. We crave ice cream because we feel like we deserve it. We eat chips because we’re bored. We take seconds simply because we’re used to it.

If you can learn to pay attention to the food your body craves, chances are you will eat healthier. If you can learn to listen to your body as you eat, chances are you won’t overeat; and if you pay attention to the smells, textures and tastes of the food you’re eating, you’ll enjoy food even more. By no measure is this a shortcut to quick weight loss; but it is knowledge that will help you lead a trimmer and healthier lifestyle.

2. Play a Sport

Exercising doesn’t have to feel like exercise. Playing a sport you enjoy is a great way to drop pounds, all the while having a great deal of fun. Find an adult sports league in your area and sign up. Or, if you prefer, take up another active hobby such rock climbing, swimming, pole fitness, or martial arts.

3. Drink Water

If you want to know how to lose a few pounds fast, you could do worse than just drinking more water. Drinking water can help you to avoid more calorie-dense drinks like soda. This is a clear-cut way to drop pounds; but drinking enough water can also help curb feelings of hunger, support a healthy metabolism, and even help you have healthier skin.

4. Exercise while Watching TV

If you like to relax in the evening by watching TV, try doing a few sets of exercises like push-ups, squats and sit ups during the commercial breaks. It’s an easy way to avoid going full couch potato, and can help you work on losing weight without a trip to the gym.

5. Walk

Walking may not always lead to rapid weight loss, but it is a pretty painless way to burn calories. If you add walking into your routine, the steps will add up. Try walking to the store instead of driving, or try walking to work. You might yet learn that you love moving under your own power.

6. Eat Salad before Dinner

Often, when dinner time rolls around, we’re so ravenous we reach for the meat and the potatoes, promising ourselves that we’ll have some salad a little later on. But making a habit of eating vegetables before the rest of your meal can be a great way to lose a few pounds. Salad is high in fiber and water: two things that can help you feel full. Plus, salad is low in calories.

If making a salad from scratch sounds too hard, try buying some of the bagged salads at your local grocery store. They’re fast, easy, delicious and healthy.

7. Find a Gym with a Daycare

If you have small children, find a gym with a daycare. Knowing you can get free babysitting and a break from the kids can make exercise much more appealing. Dropping your kids off can make the next bout with the treadmill feel like a break, not a burden.

8. Find a Workout Buddy

Want to know how to lose a few pounds fast? Find someone to work out with. If you have a buddy, you will enjoy your exercise more, and you will probably be more reliable as well. If you work out with someone whose company you enjoy, your workouts will transform from something you dreaded to something you look forward to.

9. Get Enough Sleep

Although everyone knows sleep is good for them, not everyone knows that skimping on sleep can actually make you fat. Lack of sleep can make you hungrier, and even down your metabolism. On the other hand, sleeping enough will give you energy, help you exercise harder, help you recover from your workouts, and support you in your goals for rapid weight loss.

10. Eat More Frequently

If may seem counter-intuitive, but eating more frequently is a good way to drop pounds. Often, the times we overeat and indulge in unhealthy foods the most, are the times when we’re hungriest. Try for low-calorie, healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your hunger in check. Then, when it gets to meal time you won’t feel so much like going into a feeding frenzy.

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