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October Fitness Challenge: All about the CORE!

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October Fitness Challenge: All about the CORE!

Seeing as the month of October kicks off the fall Holiday season, now is the time to start sculpting your waistline for the Halloween treats as well as prepping it for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday feasts. This 31-day challenge is packed with super tough ab exercises that will tone and tighten your core. Don’t let the holidays own you this year! Instead of the letting holiday weight gain set you back, take measures into your own hands and focus on using this time of year as a motivator to get the killer core that you have been craving!

Challenge Instructions

  • This challenge combines cardio exercise and moves that target your abdominal muscles. Since the exercises are core-focused, it is recommended that you complete the daily workouts in addition to your regular fitness regimen. Working on other major muscle groups will add to your total caloric expenditure as well as tone the rest of your body.
  • It is advised that you eat clean in conjunction with the daily workouts to achieve optimal results.
  • After each workout, be sure to stretch. This will help increase your flexibility, muscular range of motion, prevent injury and allow your muscles to recover.
  • Equipment Needed:
    1. Exercise Mat
    2. Elliptical
    3. Exercise Bike
    4. BOSU Ball
    5. Stability Ball
    6. Timer
    7. Treadmill (optional)
  • If you are not familiar with the proper form for any of the exercises below, be sure to learn and practice them prior to completing the workouts.
  • This challenge is quite advanced and gets progressively harder with each week. If the starting number of assigned repetitions or seconds is too high, adjust accordingly. It is perfectly okay to make modifications for your level of fitness as well to make accommodations for any existing injuries. You can also substitute exercises if any of the moves are so difficult that you are compromising proper form.
  • “Both sides equal one repetition” means that completing the exercise on the left followed by the right side makes one repetition. “Each side equals one repetition” means that completing the exercise on the left side is one repetition and completing it on the right side equals another repetition towards your total count. If an exercise says “left” or “right,” this means that all the repetitions are to be completed on the designated side.
  • You have a two-hour window to complete each day’s assignment and it is okay to rest in between exercises.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after the workout and replenish your electrolytes!

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