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One Week after Conception: What To Expect

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One Week after Conception: What To Expect

Before the major indicators of pregnancy kick in, such as a missed period or a positive pregnancy test, there are other tell-tale symptoms that can be triggered 1 week after conception. These early symptoms, which some expectant mothers begin to experience when they are one week pregnant, are a result of the pregnancy hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Even though hCG is usually only detectable after other indicators such a missed period, some women report pregnancy signs much before they notice missed menstrual periods.
While there is no guarantee that the symptoms that you are experiencing are actually pregnancy signs, it helps to be mentally prepared for the possible pregnancy. The only definite sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test. Other pregnancy tests include a blood pregnancy test which can be positive a few days after implantation, and a urine pregnancy test which usually shows a positive result 12 to 14 days after fertilization or at least 7 days after implantation.
What does it mean to be one week pregnant? At this point there is not fetal development. The only way for doctors to determine the approximate time of conception is by ascertaining your due date from the beginning of the last menstrual cycle.
The following pregnancy signs and symptoms will give you a fair idea of what to expect 1 week after conception till you are close to your delivery date:

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The Day of Implantation

This can occur anywhere between 6 to 12 days after ovulation. Symptoms to look out for are include a dip in temperature, lower abdominal cramps, and implantation bleeding or spotting (slight pink or brown colored stain about 8 to 10 days after ovulation).

10 Days after Ovulation

A positive blood hCG pregnancy test is one of the first medical indicators of conception.

14 Plus Days after Ovulation

A positive urine pregnancy test (HPT) can be obtained as early as 3 to 4 days after implantation and 10 to 14 days after ovulation/fertilization. Depending upon the sensitivity of the urine pregnancy test, a positive result can be obtained earlier on in the pregnancy.

15 Plus Days after Ovulation

Missed menstrual period and an elevated BBT (Basal Body Temperature) curve are prominent pregnancy symptoms.

14 to 21 Days after Ovulation

Prominent symptoms include bouts of morning sickness and feelings of nausea.

3 to 4 Weeks after Conception

At this point the expectant mother will experience breast and nipple tenderness.

3 to 10 Weeks after Conception

At this point the prominent symptoms are constant fatigue, tiredness and vomiting.

1 to 2 Months after Conception

At this point in the pregnancy the expectant mother will experience food cravings, feel the need to urinate frequently, maybe suffer from constipation, maybe suffer from diarrhea, lower back pain, and a softening of the cervix.

8 to 9 Weeks after Conception

A fetal heartbeat can be detected on a sonogram

14 Weeks after Conception

Changes in the breast will be observed i.e. a darkening of the areola.

18 to 20 (plus) Weeks after Conception

Fetal movements can be felt.

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