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Indoor Exercise Plans for Plus Size Women

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Indoor Exercise Plans for Plus Size Women

As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s ideal to have a go-to indoor exercise plan that you can complete to keep yourself on track. This routine is made specifically for plus size women, but can be completed by anyone. The goal for this plan is to emphasize short and effective workouts that don’t take as much time to complete. This makes it easier to stay on track with the plan and maintain motivation. If you only need 10-30 minutes at the most for the workout, you will be more likely to participate.

As with any new exercise plan, it’s important to consult your doctor before beginning it, hydrate often, start slowly, and take breaks. Feel free to change up the amount of repetitions, sets, and exercises to tailor the workout to you. Aim to be physically active for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. This can include anything from a light walk after dinner to one of the workouts listed below. Incorporate these workouts 2-3 times per week on nonconsecutive days. They combine cardio and strength movements, so you can check off both in one routine.

Full Body Interval Workout

Intervals make for efficient exercise routines because they allow you to exert yourself completely before resting for a bit and going at it again. Knowing that you will be able to take a break soon helps motivate you to push yourself during the interval. This workout utilizes various bodyweight movements for a full-body workout that raises your heart rate, burns calories, and increases strength. It only takes 10 minutes, so it’s a perfect one to squeeze into your routine when time is tight. Warm up with some light jogging in place for 1-2 minutes and 30 jumping jacks.

  • 0-1 minutes: Jumping jacks. Jump both feet out as your bring your arms together overhead. Bring your arms to your side as your bring your legs together. This exercise will give you a burst of cardio to begin the workout.
  • 1-2 minutes: Rest
  • 2-3 minutes: Lunges. Lunge back with your right foot from a standing position. Your front left knee should bend at a 90-degree angle. Rise back up and bring your right foot to meet your left. Alternate and perform the lunge on the left side.
  • 3-4 minutes: Rest
  • 4-5 minutes: Triceps dips. Find a chair or use the edge of your bed. Place your hands on the edge with your palms down and your fingers pointing toward you. Put your feet out in front of you and lower your arms down to a 90-degree angle. Push back up using the muscles in the back of your arms. To modify the movement, bring your feet in closer to you.
  • 5-6 minutes: Rest
  • 6-7 minutes: Lunges.
  • 7-8 minutes: Rest
  • 8-9 minutes: Triceps dips.
  • 9-10 minutes: Rest

Squat and Pushup Ladder

This indoor workout emphasizes two movements: squats and pushups. You’ll start by completing one of each, then two of each, and so on up until 10 repetitions. Once you hit 10 repetitions, you work your way back down to one of each.

To complete a squat, start in a hip-width standing position with your feet pointing at 45-degree angles. Sit back and keep your knees tracking outward. Go as far as you can with your feet planted on the ground and your back and head in neutral alignment. Rise back up by contracting your glutes. You can play around with your stance and make it wider if that makes the movement easier. For pushups, start on your stomach and use your hands to push up into a plank position with your head, neck, and back in a neutral alignment. Lower down by leading with your chest. Keep your elbows bent back at 45-degree angles. To modify the movement, go down to your knees. In addition, you can do standing pushups for less resistance. Line up against the wall and push up against it. These different modifications will help build strength so that you can build it up to complete the traditional pushup.

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