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Simple Tips For Overweight People To Start Weight Loss Today

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Simple Tips For Overweight People To Start Weight Loss Today

According to the National Institute of Health statistics, over 2/3 (68.8%) of adults in the US are overweight or obese. If you find yourself in this category of obese people, do not give up hope. We have several tips for overweight people on how to modify your lifestyle and eating habits to reach and maintain a healthy weight. This is more than just weight loss advice – this is lifestyle advice.

Tips for Obese People

If you or someone you love is an overweight person, the key to successful weight loss is having a strong support system. This can include friends, family, your medical doctor, a personal trainer, or a message board or online chat group. All of the weight loss tips in the world won’t do any good if an overweight person feels alone in their struggle to be healthy. Change takes a lot of courage, effort and diligence – weight loss is no different. Doctors in the psychiatric community say that making lifestyle changes to combat obesity are some of the most difficult adjustments to make. So first, build your safety net. Have a list of people you can call when you feel weak or discouraged. Sometimes doing good things for ourselves feels selfish, but in reality, you will be extending your life expectancy and will be sick less. This means that you will be more present in the lives of your loved ones and a better caretaker for those that depend on you.

Tips for Losing Weight

Unfortunately, there is a lot of deceptive advertising in the media for “quick weight loss” and “magic pills” that target overweight people and frankly, they take advantage of us. They prey on our emotions, because in their marketing research they see that being overweight causes depression, damages our self-esteem and, and makes us desperate. These marketers will say anything to take advantage of this desperation and easily convince us that their product is the answer to all of these problems. Do not fall for these unethical lies. The formula for losing weight and keeping it off is relatively simple:

  • Get Active – To lose one pound of body fat, we must burn 3,500 calories. If we set a goal and burn 500 calories every day, seven days a week, that is one pound of body fat lost every week. To lose weight we must create a calorie deficit, which means we are burning off more calories than we consume. When you first start making these changes, keeping a food and activity journal helps tremendously. You can track calories in and calories burned to keep you on the track to success.
  • Eat Clean – Eating clean means cutting out refined white sugar, carbs, and all processed food. Replace them with fresh, whole foods. It also means eating out less. If you are preparing your own food, you know exactly what goes into your food. You can also control your portion sizes. Restaurants serve portions that are two to three times bigger than what we should be eating, and kitchen chefs use all kinds of salt, sugar and fats to make the food taste better. This is making us fatter. Take charge. Learn about nutrition. Take control of what and how much you eat.

Fat-fighting Tips

Unwanted fat and added sugar seems to be hiding everywhere in food. The more you educate yourself on nutrition and label reading, the more you will be shocked to find out just how much sugar and unhealthy fat is in processed foods. By “processed” we mean packaged food, bottled salad dressings, sweetened peanut butter or anything out of a box. The #1 fat-fighting tip is to eat as much clean, fresh food that you make at home by preparing it yourself from real ingredients. Go to your pantry and check a label on a processed food and count how many of the ingredients you can’t recognize or pronounce. Shocking, isn’t it? Those added sweeteners and chemical preservatives are damaging to our bodies and are the leading cause of obesity. Also, beware the soda! It has no nutritional value and is full of sugar or fake sugars that mess with our blood glucose and insulin levels. By just cutting out soda, you will lose 10-15 pounds in one year.

The rate of obesity is so high that even the US government is taking measures to prevent and treat people suffering from obesity. Some of these measures include increasing awareness and getting adults and children more active. Another measure is to make healthful food and drinks more readily available and affordable. Additionally, employers as well as healthcare professionals are also being encouraged to take a proactive approach to solving the problem of obesity. So if you are having trouble with your weight, remember that you are not alone in your journey. The time to fight this is now, and you can do it.



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