5 Ways To Improve Your Running Speed


5 Ways To Improve Your Running Speed

Aug 18, 2012 //

When you start running, whether it is for exercise, as a hobby, or for training, you will soon realize your main objective will become to increase your endurance and your running speed. In fact, it is advised for my health reasons, to increase your running speed after every 2 weeks as this will help your endurance levels increase, it will help enhance your physiological infrastructure, and will help you improve your mental concentration.  However, that it not all you can achieve by improving your running speed. Longer and faster runs also help you deliver blood to all your exercising muscles and eve helps you withdraw waste effectively by helping develop and improve your cardiovascular plumbing.

Fuel Up

It is very important to maintain a proper diet in order to gain a proper energy supply. Caffeine for example may be unhealthy if had in excess, however if you have this for an hour or so before your run you will feel energetic and energized and this will help you to run faster and longer. A small snack that contains carbs and a little bit of protein will also be ideal before a run as this will also help prevent cramps.

Run Up

Running up obstacles like hills helps strengthen your leg muscles and therefore help you increase your speed and endurance! Therefore, if running or going out for a workout, make sure you have some heights to run up and down from. You can also try jogging up and down stair cases in order to increase the strength and endurance of your leg muscles.


Intervals are very important for improving running speed. You may not realize it, but having interval periods during your running break helps you stay well rested, all together increasing your stamina. However, these intervals do not have to be of breaks; in fact you can have simple intervals of jogging periods. This is better for after running as it helps you gradually and steadily decrease your running speed – helping your heart rate adjust back to its normal rate.

Keep Training

Practice makes perfects, this statement is completely true when it comes to helping your running speed and running altogether as it keeps you in shape and in practice! The constant practice will help you shape your leg and improve your calve muscles for running! In fact, it is advised to run in water and in deep sand. This will help you make your bulky muscles to participate and will therefore even create power in your glutes and abs which are considered the most important and key areas for training to run faster!

Step Up!

Step ups really help you build strength to run faster and increase your endurance. Use a rise or low bench to help support you for step ups. Put either your right or left leg on the bench while holding a barbell in both hands. If you have put your right leg on the rise, then use your left knee; bend it while lifting your left leg. Pause for a while in order to engage your abs, then step down and repeat with the other leg.

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