6 Core Exercises for Cyclists


6 Core Exercises for Cyclists

Aug 11, 2012 //

If you engage in cycling regularly, then you probably already know that cycling is not as easy as it looks. Cycling requires core strength and a strong lower back. Do you often experience lower back pain? Or do you find it difficult to stabilize your hips and balance yourself over the saddle? These are some common problems faced by cyclists who have weak abdominals, hence in order to avoid these problems there are certain exercises that you should practice. These exercises are specially designed for cyclists and will help enhance the cycling experience.

Core Cycling Exercise # 1 – Reverse Crunch

This is an excellent exercise which aims at strengthening your Abdominal and your lower back. The first step is to lie down with your back firmly against the ground, then bend your knees, make sure your shoulders are against the ground as well. Then bring your knees up to your chest and contract your abdomen. Next step is to stretch your legs upwards towards the ceiling, while raising your lower back up from the ground. Repeat this exercise twenty times.

Core Cycling Exercise # 2 – Plank on Stability Ball

This is a fairly easy exercise which focuses on your abdominals, lower and upper back. To perform this exercise you first need to be in the plank position, your forearms should be resting on the stability ball. Make sure that you keep your abs tight and your back straight during this exercise. You need to hold this position for 1 minute.

Core Cycling Exercise # 3 – Crunch on Stability Ball

The stability ball crunch exercise focuses on strengthening the abdominal and lower back. For this exercise, you first have to lie on the stability ball, with your middle back resting on the ball. Your knees should be perpendicular and your feet should be firmly against the ground. Then place both hands behind the head gently and lift your upper back upwards. Make sure you are squeezing your belly button towards the spine. Then lower back down slowly, repeat this exercise 15 times.

Core Cycling Exercise # 4 – Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

This exercise focuses on improving your stability, so that you can handle your bike efficiently. For this exercise you first need to sit down in a reclining position, your feet should be against the ground and you should be holding the medicine ball in your hands. Then move the ball from side to side while counter rotating your body.

Core Cycling Exercise # 5 – V-Sit with Medicine Ball

This exercise is a great way to strengthen your back. To perform this exercise you first need to be seated, lift your legs up at a 45 degree angle and contract your abs. Then hold on to the medicine ball firmly and try to extend your arms towards the toes. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds then go back to original position. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Core Cycling Exercise # 6 – Catapult

This is an excellent way to learn how to control your body; it will help to increase overall balance. First press your heels against the ground while doing this your knees should be slightly bent. Then extend your arms out front; your palms should be facing each other. Then take a deep breath and lower your torso to the floor over five counts, make sure that your spine is straight and your arms are over your head while doing this. Then go back to original position, repeat this exercise 20 times.

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