Playlist for Indoor Cycling!


Playlist for Indoor Cycling!

Sep 28, 2012 //

Whoever says music makes the world go round has hit the nail on the head! That is quite right, music does make the world go round and can add some sugar and spice to most yawn attracting of all activities, be it chores or a workout! Performing an exercise to a count of ten is ancient news now. Make your workouts more exciting and appealing and spruce em’ up with some hot and cold beats of sound!

You may frown at the thought of indoor cycling as that one consistent workout class you have to attend to fulfill the requirement of being fit and healthy! While it shouldn’t be considered a mere requirement, and something that you genuinely care about, your physical appearance may not pump you up enough to attend what may seem a monotonous boring class! Well, that is really not the case, because certain elements like the snazzy beats of heart thumping, adrenaline fuming, energy boosting music can turn up the heat for you in no time and make the most boring of all chores interesting and fun!

Here are some of our top picks which will get your groove restricted body, trapped in an indoor cycling class, in a rush and immersed in the hypnotic sound of music, making your indoor cycling experience exciting, jazzy, hip and FUN!

Playlist # 1!

  • Woke Up This Morning (Detroit Mix)
  • Megalomaniac – KMFDM
  • Fire – Scooter
  • Check It Out (Main Radio Mix) – and Nicki Minaj (3:58)
  • Sweat (Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta) [Remix]
  • Bon Bon – Pitbull
  • S&M – Rihanna
  • Dread Rock – Oakenfold
  • Give Me Everything (feat Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer) – Pitbull
  • Ghetto Love (feat. KardinalOffishall) – Karl Wolf

This playlist is not just filled with hits around the music world which are sure to get your groove on, but is also the perfect combination of beats that you can use throughout the varying speeds of your workout! Try woke up this morningfor the perfect 5 minute warm up and jump onto the rest of the playlist for a more resistance bearing workout! As the beats roll, pump up your speed and keep up with the pace of the heart thumping spicy beats to intensify your workout! Finally, coming down to the last three songs, dread rock happens to be the best for recovery, followed by give me everything and ghetto love for a goodbye warm up, stretch and curtains fall!

Here’s another playlist that will make you want to run to your class in full speed with its upbeat tempo and groovy infectious beats!

Playlist # 2!

  • The way we see the world- Afrojack
  • We run the night- Havanna Brown
  • Rolling in the deep Tiesto mix- Adele
  • Base down low- Dev
  • Shake it- Metro Station
  • Love stoned Tiesto Remix- Timberlake
  • Rain over me- Pitbull feat Mark Anthony
  • Pressure- Nadia Alia, Starkillers and Alex Kenji
  • Riddle- Prezioso and Marvin

Use the two playlists for the perfect combination of electrifying to heart easing beats and make that indoor cycling experience fun, happening, lively and well more fun! Crank the volume up high and HAPPY INDOOR CYCLING!

George Ponting

George Ponting remains up-to-date with General Fitness! From a young age, he has been extremely keen on and passionate about learning about the best ways to remain fit. George is full of tips, advice and suggestions in the field of fitness! Stay tuned to our General Fitness Section to receive the hottest Fitness information

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