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Stair Workouts For Better Running

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Stair Workouts For Better Running

Climbing up the stairs is a great cardio workout since it requires more effort than walking or running on flat ground. It entails significant energy and burns plenty of calories in a short time period. So why not instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs at work to burn extra calories throughout the day? Running up stairs workout is a high intensity sport and a physical exercise as well that helps enhance durability in ligaments and tendons, builds speed and stamina and improves your overall physique. So are you ready to ascend up the stairs?

Stair Climbing Workouts

Finding stairs to commence stair exercises is not a big deal. It could either be your apartment, office or even an activity park. When you have spotted the perfect location, it’s time to get yourself set to run up the stairs for an energizing stair workout session.

Running Up Drill

Warm up for ten minutes by taking a walk, gradually building pace to a jog. After a while, steadily move back to walking and stop.

  • Begin climbing the stairs by taking one step at a time.
  • Make sure your ankles serve as the base to this climb.
  • With your ankles and the ball of your feet in contact with each step, hover at every step slowly.
  • Half way through, you will notice increased agility in yourself.
  • Once you reach the peak, pause and rest for a few minutes.

Versatile Workout

This stair climbing workout includes variations as crucial ingredients. A ten to 15 steps stair is recommended to develop skill in this workout. This exercise will help contract pressure on your quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, ankles and feet. You will begin to realize improvements in knee joints maximizing mobility.

  • Warm up by jogging for ten minutes.
  • Start running all the way up and down. Attempt two sets for approximately two minutes
  • Catch your breath for 30 seconds and repeat the cycle by running up and down again, only this time you increase the duration to four minutes.
  • Take a minute break.
  • Run effortlessly up and down again, this time extending to six minutes.
  • Take 120 seconds rest.
  • Ascend and descend once more, this time returning to four minutes.
  • Take a 60 second break.
  • Continue flight to the top and down again by reducing the workout to two minutes.
  • Take deeper breaths and calm yourself now for eight to ten minutes.

Hardcore Stair Climbing Workout

Now that you’ve build sufficient stamina, let’s intensify this workout by whipping up a storm with running, jogging and pushups.

  • Jog for ten minutes to warm up your body.
  • By measuring time appropriately, run for 20 seconds to one minute at full speed, aiming to reach the top.
  • Jog back down with similar velocity.
  • Do 15 push-ups.
  • Run up the stairs again in full swing for 20 seconds to one minute.
  • Descend by jogging back down.Take out 30 reps of sit ups.
  • Run back up between 20 seconds to one minute and jog down.
  • Rest for one minute.
  • This sounds tough! Sprint continuously back and forth for five minutes and take a ten minute melt down break.

Sidling Stepping & Foot Jump Workout

This is one of the stair workouts for runners that focus on your thighs. The aim is to attempt sideways steps.

  • Maintain posture standing sideways and elevate each step sideways right as you climb to the top.
  • Once at the brink, return to base taking sidling steps.
  • For the second cycle, jump onto the step by landing both your foot, going all the way up.
  • Intervals at each step should not be for more than two seconds.
  • Once at the pinnacle, reverse the order, only this time adding your arms to support the land jump.
  • When you jump down, balance yourself by taking leverage from your arms.


Stair climbing workout is a great stair exercise. It helps lose weight, tone your body and burn calories. Running up stairs workout is widely regarded as one of the most efficient and effective cardio and strength building workouts you can do since it keeps your metabolism revved up and boosts your brain to function at optimum capacity.

How about a sprint to school or work? It won’t make you late anymore!

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