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Uphill Running Tips

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Uphill Running Tips

Running on a treadmill or in ground is something very common; another type of running is Uphill running. This particular exercise requires a lot of stamina, speed and strength. However, the benefits that can be derived are far more as compared to a normal run on the treadmill. For instance, uphill running helps burn more calories, which means you can lose weight faster! Uphill running also aids in preventing split shin. If an individual wishes to increase his endurance, then Uphill running is definitely your golden ticket to achieve just that! We will be telling you about some Uphill running tips that would prove to be very helpful.

Running Tips

Short Strides and Moderate Pace

We often tend to think that taking long strides would be less effort; however, that is not the case. If you take long strides you will get tired easily. The best way to run uphill is to take short strides, this helps keep your muscles engaged and is less tiring comparatively. Also, remember to keep a normal pace while running uphill. Slow pace is not all that impactful and a fast pace will get you exhausted in no time.

Lean In

While running uphill, make sure you lean towards the hill rather that leaning outwards; this helps avoid any back injuries, since leaning forward overworks the lower body. It is also easier to maintain a speed if you lean in towards the hill. 

Attack The Bottom of the Hill

It is important to gain speed and energy when you attack the bottom of the hill, this added energy would make your run uphill easier. It also helps since when you start going uphill, you lose some speed.

Controlled Arm Movement

When we are running we usually move our arms a lot, this is in order to balance the lower body. But while running up hill it is important to limit the arm movement in order to match it with the lower body movement. This gives one a better sense of balance.

Relax your Legs

While running uphill, it is important to keep your legs relaxed. This will reduce the exertion level, which means you will tire less easily. Once you le`arn to do this, you will have the feeling that running uphill is not that difficult. It is also important to keep your heels down while running up.


When you are running up hill it is very important to control your body, when you are running on a leveled surface, the use of upper and lower body is equal. However, when you run uphill the required upper body strength increase, this is because you have to maintain your balance. So if an individual learns to control the body movement and relaxes his lower body, it would be much easier to run uphill.

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