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What Triggers Chest Pain While Running?

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What Triggers Chest Pain While Running?

Chest pain is not common in runners. If you are having chest pain while running, it is probably something serious. Ignoring symptoms of chest pain is stupid and it can lead to serious health problems. When you run, the heart beats faster delivering more blood to your muscles as a result of this our breathing rate increases and muscles require more oxygen. To transport oxygen faster our lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide rapidly, this often causes shortness of breath – when this happens we experience pain in the chest region. If you are experiencing chest pain during physical activities consider a medical checkup which will help in identifying  the real cause of chest pain.

Causes of Chest Pain

Runners experience chest pain due to fatigued pectoral muscles or irregular breathing pattern. Sometimes pressure of trapped gasses or heartburn is mistaken for chest pain. If you’ve just begun running ensure that you adapt the proper running techniques. If the pain persists undergo a stress test.

Apart from this, there are some more causes of chest pain which can be life threatening:

Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris commonly known by its second name coronary heart disease is a serious condition which induces chest pain during strenuous activity. The American Heart Association describes the Angina pectoris when our heart muscle does not get enough blood supply. This disruption in the flow of blood during intense activities causes pain in the chest cavity and can be taken as a warning sign of a serious heart condition.

Muscle Growth

Chest pain is not limited to inflammation or burning alone but heart rate variability also plays an important role. Intense physical exercises which involve the heart muscle will often induce chest pain. For instance when you run or lift heavy weights your muscles turn sore and once they are relaxed they begin to grow. By not adopting proper training techniques you could jeopardize the muscle growth in your body causing chest pain.


Running is one of the best cardio exercises which involves upper body workout and can switch the heart rate variability. However, amateur marathon runners mostly experience chest pain, inflammation of the heart muscle. Poor running techniques are the cause of inflammation.

Weather Conditions

This sounds a little out of the context but it’s true. Weather season such as winters are known to cause chest pain. People like to keep themselves warm during this season and what better way to exercise the heart than running? When runners begin their training the increased respiratory response makes you breathe faster, and the cold breeze is inhaled into the lungs. A solution to prevent workout in cool breeze try running on a treadmill in a fitness gym.

Cardio exercise benefits your heart health, you get increased metabolism, your body maintain a good hormonal profile and body recovers faster. Now that you know what causes chest pain during running be sure to equip yourself with proper knowledge of running and its techniques prior to beginning your workout session.

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