Take These 9 Steps and You’ll Love Exercise


Take These 9 Steps and You’ll Love Exercise

Apr 1, 2015 //

Do you have a difficult time “feeling the love” as you go through the motions of your weekly workout routine? There are steps you can take to bring joy back to exercise – and get you back on the right track to a healthy lifestyle!

1. Find an Activity You Enjoy

There’s no sense in participating in any activity you loathe. It’s okay if you don’t like running or weight lifting. There’s plenty more to do that will keep you in shape.

Experiment with various activities. Attend an aerobics or yoga class, for instance. Don’t like group fitness? Try swimming, weights or walking. The point is, forget what everyone else is doing, and find your own activity that you enjoy; you’ll be more apt to stick to it!

2. Ease In

Many people rush into a rigorous fitness regimen and then find themselves hating it. Ease into the activity you’ve chosen and make it into a routine. Start with gentle yoga or beginners fitness. Perhaps attend a class once a week and work out at the gym twice a week. Take days to just stretch and to rest completely. Find a good balance that will fit into your hectic life and again: stick to it!

3. Not In The Mood? Exercise In Front of the TV

Some days, we just don’t feel like getting out and want to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows. Try these “couchercising” activities.

Jack in the Box

  • Stand up and sit again for 10 to 20 reps.

Calf Stretches

  •  Sit toward the front of your couch, so your feet rest flat on the floor.
  • Keeping the heel of one leg flat on the floor, lift and point your toes straight upward. You’ll feel a calf stretch.
  • Hold 30 seconds, then repeat with the opposite leg. Do three reps with each leg.

Shoulder Squeeze

  • As you relax, squeeze your shoulder blades together without shrugging.
  • Hold 10 seconds, and do 10 reps.

An alternative to these exercises is to dust off your old stationary bike or elliptical and use it as you watch your shows!

4. Get a Workout Buddy

Who says exercising needs to be a solo activity? Grab a friend or your partner and bring them along for your workouts.

Go for a brisk walk several times a week (the doggies might want to join you as well). Join a gym and help each other workout or spot one another with the weights. Join a fitness class together or even a dance class. You’ll motivate each other not to skip sessions, and you’ll both enjoy the company and bonding time.

5. Make a Playlist

Whoever said exercising must be done in complete silence was wrong! Take out your earbuds and smartphone and play your favorite tunes. Whether it’s Beyonce or Vivaldi, find a musical genre that best fits your mood and can perk you up for a high-energy workout. Move to the rhythm and pace yourself to the beats. You might find that time has flown by and your exercise mission for the day will be over with in no time!

6. Stop With The Negative Attitude!

Whenever you say you use negative words, like saying you “hate” something, the negative attitude becomes embroiled in your psyche. Stop saying it! The more you say you hate something, the more you begin to believe in it. One way to get out of this attitude is to stop calling it “exercise” and call it “training” or “therapy.” Stop hating and start feeling the love and you’ll likely reach your goals faster.

7. Sign Up for a Fundraiser

Whether it’s a walk for cancer or a dance for a charity, a fundraiser can motivate you to get up and moving and support a good cause as well. Opportunities abound for these types of activities so pick your cause and give back to your community while getting fit.

8. Channel Your Inner Child

Think back to your childhood. What did you like to do then? Did you ride your bike a lot? Did you explore the neighborhood or a local creek? Make a list of the things that got you moving in your childhood and then brainstorm exercise you can do to give you the same joy as an adult. Biking, walking, hiking or joining a soccer league maybe! Who knows, you might rediscover some of long forgotten activities!

9. Reward Yourself!

After every awesome exercise session, or at the end of a successful week, do something to reward yourself for a job well done. Purchase a new bit of exercise gear or clothing, go out for a spa day or have a tasty smoothie. Hey, you deserve it! You’ve let go of your dislike of exercise and are now feeling the love!


Debra Ferris

Debra Ferris (Debbe) is a freelance writer living and working from the Wheatheart of the United States, Perryton TX. Perryton is a land of plenty, wheat and corn crops and YES, oil and cattle! Debbe writes for a worldwide audience to include Chemwatch, Australia, DZineIt, New York, Tenders UK, and Jagt-Jakt, Denmark, just to name a few. A veteran of the USAF (medic), Debbe has 10 years of extensive medical knowledge to bring to the table for her readership. Her passions are fly fishing, hunting with her husband and 2 dogs and snow skiing. Debbe also understands problems related to fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis as she suffers from both and has extensive resources for these conditions.

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