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The Facts You Didn’t Know About Urinary Tract Infection

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The Facts You Didn’t Know About Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections or UTI are cause of much pain and
anxiety among men and women. Urinary system consists of urinary tract, bladder and
kidneys. This system is responsible for eliminating unwanted substances from
the body, toxins and excessive food materials not wanted to keep the body in a
state of optimal working. When an infection enters this system, there is high
risk that it will enter the blood stream during the blood filtration process.
The infection of the blood that takes place as a result of urinary tract
infection is called urosepsis which is a life threatening condition.

Because of the potentially fatal consequences of UTIs it is essential to be aware of urinary tract infection facts and what you can do about them.

Urinary Tract Infection Facts: Why?

Urinary tract infections can take place due to many reasons.
In some people the particular position of the bladder makes it more prone to
infection. Patients who suffer from low immunity conditions such as cancer
chemotherapy or AIDS are also likely to have frequent UTIs. Improper self
hygiene maintenance, sexual activity levels, infections and diabetes are also
important contributors to UTIs.

Women are more prone to developing this infection, which can
lead to complications if not treated immediately. This is because the urinary
tract in women is smaller which is prone to get infected easily. The urinary
tract connects to the urinary bladder which in turn connects to the kidney. If the
infection is allowed to grow, it goes up the tracts to infect the bladder and
later on the kidneys. In males the same infection can even lead to sterility.

Urinary Tract Infection Facts: How do you Know?

When UTIs occur you will feel a burning and repeated need to
go to the bathroom. The urine is painful and sometimes blood stained, with a
typical burning sensation. Infected urines can also be very cloudy. You may
feel pain in the back, pelvic or hip area and in your tummy. The urine may be
dark and smelly. You may also feel low on energy, have high grade fever and
experience nausea and vomiting.

If UTIs are not treated, they may spread out into the blood
to cause urosepsis, which can lead to infection of the entire body. When this
infection enters the kidneys, it can result in scarring of the tissues, a condition
called pyelonephritis. Pregnant women can develop sepsis fairly quickly due to
their compromised condition and weaker immunity at the time of pregnancy.

How to Treat UTIs

You must immediately go see a doctor if you experience any
signs and symptoms of UTI. The doctor will ask you to give a culture and
sensitivity test done for your urine. This means that the doctor is trying to
find out what bacteria or fungus is causing the infection. Once that bacterium
is found, the sensitivity to an antibiotic is tested. If the bacterium is found
sensitive to a particular medicine, that medicine is prescribed for a particular

You must also ensure good hygiene, drink plenty of water,
rest and avoid sexual contact for few days. You can take an aspirin to reduce
fever, but you must first clear with your doctor any medicine you intend to

Immediate management of urinary tract infections is important
to prevent future complications and disease.

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