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10 Tips For Getting Bigger & Strong Legs

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10 Tips For Getting Bigger & Strong Legs

Are you doing leg workouts and not getting the results you want? There are a few things you can try to help you correct mistakes and bulk up.

1. Don’t Forget To Warm Up

This is seriously important. Make sure to stretch out for at least five minutes to prevent injury and improve your flexibility. Target the areas you are going to work out, and focus on active stretches that keep you moving. When you’re done stretching, jump on the treadmill, or just do some jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and prepare your body for your workout.

2. Stay Functional

Stop using machines in the gym that target specific muscle groups through unnatural motions. Leg curls and extensions aren’t natural motions, and they could even make you prone to injury. Stick to exercises like squats and deadlifts, which use your whole body and complement your natural movement.

3. Keep Your Balance

Everyone has a tendency to work one side harder than the other, which can result in your body ending up off balance. Try to work some unilateral exercises like lunges and single leg deadlifts into your workout. That way, both sides of your body will get equal treatment.

4. Stabilize

Don’t neglect your body’s stabilizing muscles. Make sure to include some exercises for your inner thighs and outer thighs to give yourself the tools you need to keep steady and avoid injury.

5. Strengthen Your Hips

Many of us live a sedentary lifestyle, sitting down all day long. One of the side effects of that lifestyle is weaker hips, which can lead to knee and leg injury when you’re lifting heavy weights or running. Try adding some hip strengthening exercises to your routine to boost your lifting power and stay safe.

6. Do More With Less

Many professional weightlifters actually advise doing fewer reps with higher weight, and lifting less often. There is evidence to suggest that doing fewer reps with higher weight is more effective for building muscle. Do a short, intense workout, then wait a week (or more) before doing it again. Just be careful that you’re not lifting too much weight. If your form is suffering, dial it back.

7. Cool It With The Cardio

If you goal is purely muscle size, you may want to think twice before stepping on that treadmill after you lift. Giving your legs the most possible time to recover between workouts is key to bulking up, and running could prevent your legs from fully recovering.

8. Energize

Prepare for leg day by getting all the fuel you need for your workout. Consider carbo loading the night before, and eat a big break breakfast the morning of. Before your workout, eat (or drink) something with lots of protein, carbs, and sugar. You’ll be burning it all off during your workout, so don’t worry about the extra sugar making you fat (it won’t).

9. Wear the Right Shoes

What shoes do you wear to the gym? Not all shoes are created equal, and your choice of footwear might be hindering your safety and performance. Consider buying a pair of weightlifting shoes to maximize your lift and stay safe.

10. Pace Yourself

You should be trying to increase your weight every week, but proceed with caution. The last thing you want to do is start lifting too much and hurt yourself. If you can’t lift at all because of an injury, your legs won’t be getting any bigger. You should limit yourself to a five pound increase each week.



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