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10 Ways To Burn More Calories For A Lazy Girl

Aug 7, 2015 //

The key to burning more calories is to get and stay active – but what if you’re lazy? If so, believe it or not, this isn’t a deal breaker. There are plenty of ways to burn more calories while still doing the lazy things you enjoy! Still don’t believe in lazy girl weight loss? Keep reading!

1. Reality TV Meets the Elliptical

Most gyms nowadays have multiple TVs installed around the facility, particularly near the treadmills, stair climbers and elliptical machines. There is a very good reason for this placement! Plan to get to the gym during your favorite TV show, and watch that show while you’re on one of these machines. You’ll be shocked at how fast an hour passes while you’re absorbed in your show. Most of these machines are connected to the TV monitors, which allows you to adjust the channel and volume from the equipment at your disposal.

2. Audiobooks

Need to work out but would rather read? You can do both! Audiobooks are recorded versions of printed books, often read by the authors themselves or well-known actors. Audiobooks are often compatible with smartphones and tablets. Download one, put on your headphones and hit the sidewalk, either walking or running. You can even lift weights, ride the stationary bike or jump on the treadmill – all you need is solid pair of earbuds!

3. Smart TVs

Smart TVs are televisions that also act as Internet browsers. You can surf the net, Facebook, even enjoy your favorite YouTube videos on your TV. If you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home, set it in front of a smart TV and burn calories while playing around on the internet! There are smart TV compatible keyboards that are compact and totally wireless that you can place across the display of your home equipment, and then surf your little heart out.

4. Motivational Apps

There are many apps for smartphones and tablets that are fitness and motivation-oriented. If you have trouble getting or staying motivated to walk or run, check out Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! is a $4 app that you can find on iTunes for Apple products, or the Google Play store for Android devices. Zombies, Run! is an interactive game that delivers you audio cues to guide you on a mission to save the world as you are walking or jogging. It’s awesome!

5. Lazy Butt Lift

You can lay on down for this lazy butt lift – at the beach, at the pool or anywhere, really. The trick is to engage your leg and glute muscles for multiple reps, and you don’t even need to stand up. This move is an example of isometric exercise. Lay on your stomach, and position your feet so that the weight of your legs is supported. Now lift one leg off the ground. Keep lifting your leg with your foot flexed for a count of 100. Then switch legs.

6. Suntan Workout

There are many ways to workout outdoors, such as yoga or isometrics. Instead of laying still while you’re getting some sun, get in some muscle toning moves right from your beach towel. When outdoors in the summer be sure to stay hydrated with water or a sports drink.

7. Driving Miss Lazy

Most of us spend quite a bit of time in the car driving, either to and from work or on errands during the day. Tone up your chest muscles while you’re waiting at a traffic light! Hold onto the steering wheel with your hands at 9 and 3 o’clock. Now squeeze, holding for 1 second each. If you do 20 squeezes each red light and you hit 5 lights while driving, that is 100 reps of chest isometrics that burns calories and tones muscle!

8. Kicked-back Kickboard

If you have a pool or access to one, spend a few bucks and buy a foam kickboard. You can hold onto the kickboard and paddle at your leisure with your feet. This is a great lower body workout and if you’re going to be in the pool anyway, why not burn some easy calories while you’re relaxing? Fun, sun and firm buns – winning!

9. How to Burn Calories Eating

You read that right. There are certain foods that actually take more calories to digest than they contain. They are called negative-calorie foods. Stock up on these for snacking!

10 Pucker Up, Buttercup

Did you know that kissing burns 68 calories per hour? Who knew making out burns calories? Put down the PS3 controller between games and strike up some smooching!

So you’re a self-proclaimed lazy girl, but who says you have to look like one? There are tons of ways to burn calories and stay in shape, even lose weight just by doing these 10 things. The trick is to work out without feeling like you are!



Kelley Haraughty

Kelley Haraughty is a freelance writer with a passion for fitness and a health-conscious lifestyle. She has played soccer for 17 years, is a cancer survivor and enjoys writing on the topics of sports nutrition, injury prevention and athletic cross training.

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