Why is it Harder for Women to Lose Weight Than Men?

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Why is it Harder for Women to Lose Weight Than Men?

Jun 15, 2015 //

It’s not your imagination. It is actually harder for women to lose weight than men, for a variety of reasons.

Men Vs. Women

On average, men have more muscle mass than women. That means they have a faster resting metabolism, and their bodies burn more calories. Because of this, a man and woman could have the same diet and exercise regimen, but the man would probably lose weight faster.

Plus, women are more likely to form emotional attachments to food. Women could be more likely to go all-in when they cheat on their diets or exercise plan. Of course, every person is different and cravings are not gender specific. However, there is some evidence to suggest that men are typically better at controlling cravings than women.

Losing Weight Anyway

Getting in shape is not a race, and you shouldn’t be discouraged when you see men losing weight faster than you are. There are many things you can do to mitigate the difference. More importantly, you should remember that all good things take time. If you stay committed and focused, you will lose the weight.

Strength Training

By incorporating some strength training into your routine, you can get some of the weight loss benefits of increased muscle mass. Simple exercises using dumbbells and your own bodyweight can make you leaner and stronger. Not only will your athletic performance increase, you’ll also feel better every day and burn more calories. Every workout routine should have a little strength training thrown in for balance.

Release Your Stress

Stress is one of the biggest culprits of weight gain and overeating. There are some simple ways to reduce your stress, like meditation and exercise. If there are things in your life that cause you anxiety, eliminate them or avoid them as much as possible.

There are few things more important than your mental and physical health, so you should take your stress levels seriously. Do you work at a job that stresses you out and makes you unhappy? Consider looking for a different job. Are you in an emotionally turbulent relationship? Think about seeking counseling or even breaking it off. Your health should be your top priority, no matter the cost.

When you reduce stress, you’ll feel healthier and more confident, which will translate to better fitness. You’ll be well on your way to your weight loss goals.

It’s Okay To Cheat

Be willing to forgive yourself when you mess up. If you cheat on your diet and get fast food instead of the healthy meal you had planned, forgive yourself and enjoy it. Make a resolution to get back on track, and move forward.

Weight Loss Is Hard For Men And Women

Don’t get discouraged because you see a few men losing weight more easily. Remember that everyone struggles with weight differently. With a plan and a little persistence, you can reach your health goals.



Caleb Palmquist

Caleb is a freelance writer living in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a health and fitness enthusiast who wants to inspire people to live happier, longer lives. Caleb's hobbies include hiking, kayaking, biking, and cooking.

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