Diet Vs Exercise – Which is Better for Fat Loss?


Diet Vs Exercise – Which is Better for Fat Loss?

May 12, 2015 //

Which wins in the weight loss battle of diet vs exercise? The answer is, weight loss is a balance between both nutrition and exercise.

The battle between diet and exercise is a struggle of calorie intake and expense for the day. To lose weight, you must defeat your daily calorie intake by expending more calories with exercise. So, is it wise to shift to a lower number or calories, or should you exercise to burn more calories a day?

A balanced diet and exercise plan are both essential ingredients to weight loss. That is, it’s important that you pay close attention to what you eat and your activity level on any given day. Those who are jumping into weight loss with ambitious goals might also want to take into consideration that both nutrition and fitness are required in order to succeed. That’s because over time your body adjusts to a low metabolic level that needs both diet and exercise to revive it back to life again.

Here are some ways each can be used for weight loss:

1. Start The Day Off With Short HIIT Training

Shock your body back into fat burning mode with short High Interval Training (HIIT) sets to boost the metabolism in the early morning as soon as you wake up. This little trick sets your body up for success by jumping into action at the earliest point in the day for weight loss with higher calorie counts in the afternoon and evening or up to 24 hours after a workout.

Try our seven minute HIIT Workout to get you going throughout the week. Not only will you feel more energetic, you will be ready to accomplish your weight loss goals with faster results.

2. Eat “Good Carbs” For A Boost Of Fat-Burning Energy

Good carbs are the carbs that deliver the energy without the adverse effects. A great source of good carbohydrates can be found in many fruits and vegetables. In the world of pastas and breads, “good carbs” separate “white” and “wheat” by claiming wheat to be a superior form of carbohydrate for fat burning success.

3. Proteins Revive Muscle Tissues To Help Sculpt Your Physique

If you decide that your weight loss diet and exercise plan require you to take in less calories, then absolutely do not skip the meat (or at least substitute another protein source!). Protein is an essential nutrient that your body needs to help rebuild muscle tissues and heal after a rigorous workout. Without it, you will find yourself craving even more without any way to satisfy the hunger.

4. Refined Sugars Make You Crave And Hold You Back

Your body needs natural sugars that help provide the body energy, but refined sugars are a weight loss enemy. Cut out sugars, and your weight loss efforts end up amplified greatly. That is because refined sugars are found commonly throughout processed foods and provide only empty calories; thus leaving you constantly hungry.

Refined sugars are those processed sugars that provide quick bursts of energy, then sudden slumps of comatose feelings after a good “sugar high”. Chocolates, candies, colas, and sweets are your arch-nemeses during diets, since they not only hinder your energy and ability to burn fat, they also make you continuously crave more sugars!

5. Go For The “Weight Loss Zone” To Burn More Calories

Be certain that you are working from within the “weight loss zone” to make the most of your exercise efforts. The weight loss zone is an area proposed to lie somewhere between walking and jogging at the level of a “power walk.” Due to the ability of the body to favor fat-burning at this level of exercise intensity, many avoid increasing the intensity of the workout for weight loss simply because endurance and heavy cardio are not ideal for losing weight.

6. Fill Up On Life’s Most Essential Ingredient – Water

Water has its benefits for both diet and exercise. Sometimes we mistake a “craving” with “thirst” for water. Instead of cheating on your diet or feeling empty with your new nutrition plan, be sure to add plenty of water for an easy way to fill up. Not to mention, your body needs more water when you expel fluids through sweat while working out.

Drinking plenty of water will help deter any hunger pangs that result from less calories or more exercise. Some women actually experienced an increase in weight loss after adding more water to their diets. That is because a starved body does not operate at its full potential.

Kicking calories and burning fat is a balance between nutrition and fitness. Fix your diet and exercise plan to reflect these steps and you’ll be on your way to weight loss success. Focus on your goals with these five simple weight loss tips.



Amber Racer

Amber is a creative writer who practices qi gong and traditional Japanese martial arts techniques that date back to the samurai (Jinenkan). She founded The Oracle's Library indie publisher of Philosophy and loves to share her curious passion for mind-body-spirit topics, natural remedies, and good health practices with others.

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