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Fitness Republic Celebrates One Million Unique Visitors

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Fitness Republic Celebrates One Million Unique Visitors


Fitness Republic Achieves One Million Unique Visitors Milestone


New York City, NY – Fitness Republic, an online community dedicated to promoting and motivating a healthy lifestyle to its readers, celebrates the milestone of one million unique readers to!

Fitness Republic would like to thank their readers for continuous support that has helped the website grow to reach one million unique visitors in June 2015. We’ve been able to achieve our first milestone in 9 months with 35% of average monthly increase. Social Media has been a huge part in reaching this one million unique visitor milestone. 81.7% of the traffic is driven through social media channels, of which, 77.80% comes through Facebook. We also have Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram that continue to grow each and every day,” says Mehreen Imran, Senior Project Manager at Fitness Republic. “Social media continues to be our main traffic driver and we continue to update each of their streams with daily quality content.”

Without their many contributors, editors and content managers providing standards of excellence in ensuring content is verified, accurate, inspiring and informative, Fitness Republic would not have reached this milestone in such a fast manner.

“Fitness Republic has a very diverse range of information and advice on many different topics that I cannot find anywhere else,” Katie Taylor- one of our active readers- says. “I used to fear going to the gym as I didn’t really know what to do. After reading Fitness Republic’s simple to follow tips on how to workout, even at home, they have motivated me to start going to the gym. My friends tell me that they already see a big difference in my appearance, which has really boosted my self confidence!”

This leading fitness community’s fans stay loyal and continue to grow with the content Fitness Republic provides. With this growing fan base, Fitness Republic is becoming known as a leader in the industry, a thriving company that continues to create authentic content that engages and motivates their readers.


Stay tuned to Fitness Republic for the latest fitness updates and how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


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