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Golden Rules of a Solid Loving Relationship

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Golden Rules of a Solid Loving Relationship

If I had a dime for each time someone has asked me for the magic bullet, one thing to lasting love – I would be a billionaire! But I do understand why everyone wants to know. Most are overwhelmed with information, and have no idea where to start. Or, they’re in a big mess, and when you’re there, all roads out look like the wrong path.

However, I can whittle it down to a few things. Overall, communication is KEY. But if I were to reduce that more specifically, I would have to say communication in three specific areas is essential. Take a peak below for the top areas that will help you stay on a solid path together for a lifetime.


I’m starting here because stats consistently prove that money is still the number one topic couples fight about. Which isn’t surprising given how much we have wrapped up emotionally in this area of our life.

I occasionally meet rare individuals whose path and destiny with money has been a smooth road. However, 99% have some limiting money story that holds them back, and ultimately ends up surfacing once you’re in a relationship.

He could be a hoarder, saving every penny for a rainy day and never sees the need to buy anything new. You might be a spender, treating money like a hot potato (the minute money comes in – it leaves your hands as quickly). You can imagine how these two polar opposites will have plenty of clashes over the life of their relationship!


Honesty applies to all three areas, but this is where it really, really counts. If you know you’ve got money issues, feel powerless – and it’s secretly or overtly impacting your relationship, stop trying to avoid it – it will only get worse. Your partner is with you for the long haul, and will want to support you just as they have done with any other set back or challenge.


Not sex! That only happens AFTER true intimacy is in place. Intimacy is IN TO ME SEE. In order to achieve it, it requires revealing the most vulnerable aspects of yourself. You may have done this in the first couple of years when you met – but oftentimes it fades as couples begin to develop an “intuition” about each other.


If you’ve been together for awhile, some of that initial attraction is expected to fade – but it doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. It’s about both of you getting creative and committing to taking time to focus on this aspect of your relationship. Some fun things you can do: Visit a sensual “toy” store together, include a special day for connection (i.e: “Sensual Saturday’s etc.) or plan a romantic weekend at regular times of the year will all work.


In this day and age, a larger majority of couples are getting married for a second time. Bringing it with it the new term that started in the 80’s “blended family” because of the increase in this and breaking away from the traditional legacy model where you stayed together no-matter-what.

When you’re blending, you are inheriting children from another tribe. And that tribe functioned as a unit on the foundation of those values, traditions, rules and energy.


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