10 Common Work Mistakes You Should Avoid Making Every Day


10 Common Work Mistakes You Should Avoid Making Every Day

Mar 9, 2015 //

Benjamin Franklin, one of the world’s greatest minds,
proclaimed that early bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!
How true is it? Statistics prove that getting
adequate zzzz’s
is good for all of us, but what about during the day. What
can we do to improve our daily routine? What common work mistakes should we
avoid? How do we define common errors that interrupt our progress and impede
our success on the job? Let’s take a look at 10 common mistakes that you should
avoid at work:

Feeling Inadequate

Whether you are a waitress or a company executive, promoting yourself as a
professional is essential. Believe in yourself. Be an award-winning employee
that your employer is proud of. Don’t make the mistake of selling yourself

Forgoing Patience

An annoying co-worker refuses to stop talking. What do you
do? Patience, dear one. Avoid the mistake of getting angry and irritated.
Calmly relate that you have a ton of work to do and you work better in silence.
The boss will notice your relationship skills.

Dressing Down

So, you want to be promoted. Well, you didn’t receive the
last promotion, and you were left behind… what to do? Take a look at your
attire. Yes, your attire. What are you wearing? Do you dress for success, or
do you dress for less? Whether you are a fashion plate or a spendthrift wonder,
dressing for success is the number one a great way to get noticed.  

Not Adjusting Your Attitude

Now that you have the proper attire, attitude
is everything
. If you are having issues with a dead-end job, or a co-worker
who likes to bully you, attitude will be your claim to fame. How do you adjust
your attitude? Rise above the situation and find common ground. If needed, hire
a Success Coach
to guide you.

Skipping Skills

If you are in a dead-end job, increase your credentials by
going back to school and getting the knowledge you need to improve. There are
no excuses for a lack of education. Find ways in your area to obtain a grant or
scholarship that will enable you to get qualified.

Avoiding Etiquette

The co-worker who likes to bully you? Well, that can be a
tough situation, but having ample attitude and proper work
will help you rise above and be the better person.

Forever Frowning

No one likes to see a sad person, even if they are truly
sad. Sometimes employers are not empathic to the fact that you lost your
favorite sock or forgot to put on mascara. No matter, ditch
the frown
and don a smile! It is a workplace faux pas to be the Grinch
(yes, the Grinch, as in Dr. Seuss’ famous green monster)—and we all know that
it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Avoid making a frown your
favorite expression. If you are dressed for success and have a winning
attitude, a smile is the best accessory.

Bad Example

Are you promotional material? Do you set an example for the
rest of the staff? New employees will look to you for guidance. Set an example
that will propel your promotion.

Naughty, Not Nice

We learned it in early elementary school. Play well with
others. Be polite. Say thank you when appropriate. Realize that co-workers may
struggle with work-related mistakes as well. A kind word will not only make you
feel good, it will enhance someone else’s day as well.

Being Unprepared

We all make mistakes. To err is human. There is, however, a
limit to the amount of mistakes that your employer will tolerate. Be prepared.
Be honest about your capabilities and the expectations of your employer. Avoid common errors
and learn how to improve. There is a plethora of information available to help
you overcome any obstacle you may encounter. Do your research and prepare.

These are just some of the common work mistakes that people
make. There are certainly many more. Being kind and having tolerance for co-workers
though is a step in the right direction. Sometimes it is easier said than done,
but with skill and fortitude, you can avoid errors in the workplace. It is
easier to focus on your work in a positive environment. Hard work always pays
off. Realize your capabilities and enjoy the career that you have always
dreamed of!



Gina McKnight

Gina is an author, freelance writer, and equestrian from Ohio USA. Living with her family near Wayne National Forest, she is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for a healthy, organic lifestyle! She is a graduate of Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio; summa cum laude. Gina encourages her readers to eat healthy and to find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving!

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