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10 Things Girls Do In A New Relationship But Never Admit

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10 Things Girls Do In A New Relationship But Never Admit

Sally started dating Jerry a few weeks ago. They met at a bar in lower Manhattan over Spring Break. Hitting it off from the start, the couple enjoys dinner, movies, cuddling and spending time together. What Jerry doesn’t know is that Sally has infiltrated his personal space. She has spent hours contemplating how and when to search and spy. Sally would never admit to some of the things she knows about Jerry. Spying, snooping, digging for info – it’s a girl’s duty to find out what she can about her new date.

Sally is not alone. Many girls begin a new relationship not knowing what makes their new guy tick. Here are some of the things that Sally would never admit to doing. See if any of these scenarios ring true with you…

1. Buy New Lingerie

A trip to Victoria’s Secret for new lace seamless thongs may not be something you want to share with your mother. But, you know your new boyfriend will approve. He’ll never know that you bought them just for him.

2. Google

Googling your new boyfriend may seem a little tacky, but, hey, everyone is on the internet somewhere. You can find out a lot about a person just by typing in their name.

3. Peruse His Closet

When he goes into the bathroom and takes a quick shower, you slip into his closet to see if he has 10 of the same shirt, or if he likes variety. Does he keep his closet neat, or is he a real pig? You can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his clothes (and shoes).

4. Surf Through His Twitter And Facebook Friends

No, you would never tell him, but you just spent three hours looking at all of his Facebook friends. You find his ex-girlfriends, cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbors, guy-friends, high school connections, and more. Each one is more intriguing than the first. Now you know his connections and who’s on his list. Oh, and while you were there, you read every comment on all of 500+ pics. Tsk. Tsk. Get a life.

5. Check Out His Cell Apps And Contacts

So mean, but necessary. When he isn’t looking you go through his cell contacts/texts and see what apps he uses. He probably wouldn’t approve that you entered his personal space because you found a text from another girlfriend. Uh oh. That was for his eyes only! You would never admit that you read that text, not in a million years.

6. Read His Emails

You can’t help it if he left his laptop open and his email in plain sight. An email from his bank indicates that he is behind on his car payment. He definitely does not want you to know that he is behind on his bills. You better be careful. If he finds out you’ve had your nose where it doesn’t belong, he will drop you like a hot potato.

7. You Look Through His Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer. In a junk drawer you can find clues to a person’s life that you can’t find anywhere else; stray condoms (the kind he prefers), phone numbers, rogue pics, abandoned keys, receipts (oh, good one for sure), overdue bills, ignored letters, old golf balls, important notes, and all kinds of miscellaneous paraphernalia. It seems harmless enough, but you would never admit that you know the junk he keeps.

8. Steal One Of His Shirts

Uh, that one, his favorite lightly-starched white shirt that he likes to wear to work. He can’t find it. Why? Because you took it the last time you were at his place, you naughty girl. Okay, so you like the feel of it and it makes a great nightshirt. You even sprayed his (irresistible) Armani cologne on it before you shoved it into your purse. Would you admit that you took it? I think not.

9. Go Through His Bathroom Cabinet

So many things about a person can be revealed in a medicine cabinet (you know, the one in the bathroom over the sink). What could he keep in his medicine cabinet that would be of interest to you? Oh, lots of things. Hygiene products and more say a lot about his personality and habits.

10. Dig Through His Laundry

Ok, it sounds nasty, but there are things in a (dirty) laundry basket that might startle you – like a pair of Positano panties (in navy blue with ruffled lace), and they do not belong to you. Hello. Wake up girlfriend. Are you going to admit that you went through his dirty laundry? Not on your life.

So, there you have it. 10 things girls do in a new relationship but would never admit to. Can you relate to Sally’s list of scenarios? If you can, you understand that some things are sacred and should never be discussed. Oh, and you want to know my source for this article? Well, let’s just say it’s from a reliable source. Let’s keep it confidential. 😉 

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