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10 Ways To Manage Your Anger

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10 Ways To Manage Your Anger

Anger management. It is the topic of self-help books, movies, poems, prose, and songs. It is a life-long process for some, while others find it easy to divert anger and live a peaceful life. How do they do it? Here are 10 suggestions to manage your anger:

Avoid Conflict

Probably one of the most common anger issues that we face is conflict. When we enter a situation that aggravates and releases our anger, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. We should avoid situations that we know will cause distress and anxiety.


Avoid stressful situations and people who irritate you (we know, not always possible). Do your best to pinpoint what triggers your anger and resolve those issues. Avoidance may not be the answer. Only a professional can truly tell you if you need to face the situation and deal with it or avoid it altogether.

Be Aware of Warning Signs

Sometimes we don’t always have an awareness of warning signs in a situation that may make us angry. Take a deep breath and slow down. Without awareness though, our triggers may lead to anger directly; it’s best to become more aware so we can respond rather than react.

Breathe Deep

Stop. Take a deep breath and relax. Relaxation techniques may help you to resolve your anger issues. Meditation and yoga provide wonderful techniques for relaxation and avoiding aggressive behavior.

Act vs. React

How we react to certain situations reveals our character and inner-self. Acting pleasantly and in a peaceful manner vs. reacting aggressively takes skill for some people. Learn how to act instead react, and your response is more likely to be one of compassion instead of anger.

Remove Yourself

If possible, remove yourself entirely from the situation that makes you angry. Until you have learned to deal with your anger, remove yourself from situations that make your blood boil.

Don’t Sweat It

Recently, after a massive snowstorm, a neighbor’s garage roof caved in. The neighbor was very angry. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The fact is that getting angry is not going to replace the collapsed roof any faster. No one was hurt and nothing in the garage was damaged. The lesson? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Think of Something Else

When a situation arises that causes you anxiety and anger, think of something that makes you calm and peaceful; maybe a summer vacation or a trip to the sea. Giving yourself the visualization of a higher frequency situation allows yourself to ease out of anger and into higher frequency emotions like joy, compassion, acceptance and love.

Channel It

Channeling your energy to creative endeavors will stop anger in its tracks. If your hands and mind are busy, you will be able to avert your energy to something else. Take that anger energy to be creating; you’ll move from a feeling that can destruct to one that can construct—and that’s a step in the right direction!

Find A Professional

Learn how to control your emotions and deal with anger. The best advice is to find a therapist or counselor who can help you with emotional triggers and environmental stimuli. A professional will help you learn cognitive approaches, relaxation techniques, as well as skill development.

Experts agree that anger is a natural human trait. When we are treated poorly, abused, or threatened, anger is a means of release. Even animals get angry. It’s possible too that anger isn’t the problem; instead it’s how we react to adverse situations. If you have uncontrollable anger, seek a professional who will help you find the root cause. They will give you tools to expertly manage, contain, and release your anger in productive ways.

 “Angry people want you to see how powerful they are… loving people want you to see how powerful You are.”  Chief Red Eagle


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